Professional And Exquisite Production Technology To Ensure The Safety Of Combination Slides

Professional and exquisite production technology to ensure the safety of combination slides

1. All the steel structural parts are hot-dip galvanized, the surface zinc layer content is 160k / m, and the thickness of the pipe is 2.2mm, which effectively prevents the product from corroding from the inside to the outside during use, enhancing the service life of the product, some products During the welding process, the zinc layer is destroyed, children slide, our products are coated with zinc-rich anticorrosive primer on the surface of the weld before spraying, to ensure that the zinc layer is not lost, children slide. More than 90% of our welded parts are welded with a mechanical hand, the tolerance is plus or minus 0.1mm, and the weld strength is tested according to the adult use standard to ensure that the product installation is simple and fast, and the product is safe during use.
Processing process flow chart: blanking according to the drawing—bent pipe—examination—arc arc—upper tooling fixture welding—examination—shot blasting—pre-treatment (polishing, anti-corrosion treatment) —heating—spraying—drying—cooling- --Inspection --- Packaging --- Into the warehouse --- out of the warehouse, need 16 links.

2. Thin plate parts: all cold-rolled steel plates with a thickness of 2.2mm are used. The surface is flat and welded at the bottom to ensure that it can withstand a weight of 1000kg. For safety and enhanced product life, we use automatic punching machines to process anti-skid holes and water on the surface of the product. The hole is 8mm in diameter. The surface treatment process has two kinds of treatment methods: spray plastic and plastic coating, children slide, the thickness of the plastic surface is 0.6mm, and the plastic coating is about 4mm (material pvc)
Processing process flow chart: blanking according to the drawing-inspection-punching edge-punching plane hole-punching installation hole-folding edge-welding-pre-treatment (shot blasting, polishing)-heating-spraying (plastic coating) -Inspection-packaging-storage-out of storage. 14 links are required.

3. Plastic parts: All food-grade raw materials are used for production. In the production process, no additional material production is required to ensure safety and non-toxicity. All the molds used to produce plastic parts are processed by cnc processing centers to ensure that the plastic parts have no protrusions. In order to prevent children ’s skin from being injured during use, in order to use safety and enhance the service life, our plastic parts are all about 5mm thick, children ’s slides are uniform and the key connection parts are all in the mold , No need to reprocess, improve installation efficiency and safety standards.
Processing technology flow chart: milling-coloring-feeding-heating-cooling-mold opening-cooling-shaping-trimming-trimming-inspection-packaging-storage-storage. 13 sessions