Purchase Kindergarten Rides, Combine Slides, And Combine Swings. You Need To Refer To These Points

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Material Science

Recreational facilities should be built with durable, sanitary and easy to maintain materials. First of all, potentially toxic substances and raw metals (rusty or used as wires) are not used in recreational facilities. Metals must be painted, plated, or treated with rust. Wood is a good substitute for metals - must be the same kind of wood without cracks and, in any case, treated to prevent cracking and irregular breaking (not just the surface). If the composite material is selected, it must be durable and crack resistant. Surface polishing, especially rough materials, is one of the basic steps to reduce the risk of injury.

Handrails and railings

Handrails and railings are the most common safety devices in recreational facilities. Handrails and railings not only prevent falling, hold them while walking, but also play a supporting and stabilizing role. Therefore, it should be designed according to relevant regulations to be easy to grip size.


Whether to set the boundary depends on the user's age and recreational facilities for children can climb height. With a barrier, the border prevents the children from falling from the raised platform, and prevents them from climbing too high. Therefore, boundaries should be designed to prevent climbing, standing or sitting on top



Many recreational facilities have the support function for the hands and feet to provide support for grasping, maintaining balance and climbing. The size and position of the effective handle should be suitable for the child to grip. The handles should be firmly secured to the main structure to prevent them from falling off and rotating.

Seams, screws, edges

Such facilities include the outer edge of the amusement facilities and the parts system for the installation of such equipment. For safety purposes, sharp edges, sharp shapes, and dangerous horns should be avoided. To ensure the smooth surface of the welding parts, the anchor or supporting role for the structure of the components should be solid and stable. The nail shall be inserted into the main structure flat, screws shall be covered with plastic caps, and the raised areas shall not exceed 8 millimeters.