Safety Knowledge Of Rides: What To Pay Attention To When Playing Amusement Facilities?

Safety knowledge of rides: What to pay attention to when playing amusement facilities?

Amusement facilities refer to facilities used for business purposes and carrying passengers. The scope of the ride is to design a large-scale manned ride with a maximum running line speed greater than or equal to 2 m/s or a running height greater than or equal to 2 m from the ground.

For the rides that have passed the safety inspection, the quality and technical supervision department will issue the safety inspection conformity mark and paste it in the eye-catching place of the amusement facilities. Visitors are not allowed to take the rides that have not been inspected, unqualified or overdue.

Pay attention to the following when taking the ride:

1. When you decide to play a ride, please read the "Guidelines for Passengers" or "Passwords" and the relevant "Warning Signs". “Riding instructions” will inform you of some very important precautions when you are riding, and at the same time ask who is not suitable for a ride.

2. Young children are accompanied by parents, and children are not allowed to take separate rides. Children under the age of 14 should not take the rides, pirate ships, space shuttles, brave turntables and other exciting rides.

3. Don't grab the ride before the ride is stopped. When you ride, fasten the seat belt. Check to see if it is safe and reliable. Please hold the safety handle or other safety device with your hands when you are running. The seat belt must not be unlocked. When the ride is in operation, in the event of a power outage or other failure, do not get off the train before the staff informs, only the safest in the cockpit, waiting for emergency rescue.

4. Take care of racing cars and go-karts: don't wear long outerwear, long scarfs, long hair or long squats when riding a car or kart, otherwise it is dangerous.

5. When playing water slides, it is strictly forbidden to stand, stand or head down on the slide; in the same slide, it is forbidden for two people to slide down at the same time or at the same time; after entering the water, they should leave quickly to avoid collision.

6. When riding a rotating or tumbling facility, do not extend any part of your body such as your hands, arms or feet out of the car (car) during operation. Do not unravel the seat belt and open the safety bar. Be sure to keep the items that are easy to drop, such as glasses, cameras, bags, keys, mobile phones, etc., and do not bring them into the amusement rides. To listen to the staff's command, in order, sit up and down, do not enter the quarantine area without authorization.

7. If there is an unexpected situation during operation, do not panic or turmoil, wait for the rescue of the staff in the original position, do not unravel the seat belt and open the safety bar. After the rides arrive at the station, the seat belts should be unloaded and lifted by the staff under the command, guidance or assistance.