Sanitary Maintenance Of Indoor Playground

Sanitary maintenance of indoor playground

As a child's favorite indoor play equipment, children's naughty castle is very important for its safety and health. In order to ensure the safety, health and long-term operation of the children's playground. Cleaning measures for children's naughty castles must not be neglected. Many details must be in place and done in the right way. Here is how to clean and maintain the naughty castle.

First, the ocean ball cleaning steps

1. Use a container such as a fishing net or basin to pack the ocean ball in the ball pool, and do a comprehensive cleaning of the bottom of the ball pool first.

2. Dilute and soak the ocean ball with soapy water, disinfectant detergent, bleach, and detergent.

3. Spray the disinfection solution directly on the ball to disinfect and remove odor.

4. Wipe dry with a soft damp cloth.

Cleaning up the sand pool

1. If it is fine sea sand, it can be disinfected by spraying the disinfectant extracted from Chinese medicine on the sand pool, which not only has good effect, but also naturally decomposes without residue.

2. If it is Cassia seed, it can be sterilized by exposing it regularly in the sun. It cannot be washed with water and is easy to germinate.

3. The large garbage and objects in the sand pool are directly picked up and thrown away. If it is mixed with sand, it is removed with a small shovel and sand, and it is necessary to pay attention to replacing the sand in a timely manner.

4. The most important thing for cleaning the sand pool is cleaning and drying. At this time, you should choose a fine and sunny weather according to the weather forecast. Generally, the cleaning can be completed on the same day.

In addition, activity rooms, floors, walls, etc. are sterilized by ultraviolet radiation every day. The room should be ventilated frequently and sprayed once a week with peroxyacetic acid.