Site Planning Of Kindergarten Slide

                                                         Site planning of kindergarten slide
    Outdoor kindergarten children’s playgrounds should be carefully planned and treated. Outdoor activities are full of joy, freedom and excitement for children. Children’s slide amusement equipment can accompany the children’s healthy and happy growth, open up their intelligence, and let them enjoy The process of playing makes the children more brave and smart. There are several points to consider when planning a kindergarten slide playground:

    First, kindergarten amusement equipment must be fun to attract children's interest in playing. Outdoor children's amusement equipment generally includes kindergarten slides, swings, swings, bridge swings, climbing nets, two-wheelers, tires and other toys. Children playing outdoors means that they can play with these toys. They are naturally happy and full of fun; In addition, the venue should be paved with colored plastic floors, so that children can play and run to their fullest and enjoy the joy of children's amusement equipment.

   Second, the layout of the kindergarten should be closer to nature. The trees, soil slopes, lawns, vines, etc. in the outdoor children’s play environment are very popular with children. Shuttle among the groves, roll on the lawn, etc., which can arouse children’s curiosity and desire for exploration. This is nature The wealth bestowed on young children is also a childhood fun that all children like and enjoy. Sunlight, air, and water are essential natural elements in our lives. When playing outdoors, children can fully enjoy these natural gifts.

    Third, it must be challenging. The outdoor children's slide playground equipment is full of excitement and challenge. Kindergarten slides require the stimulation of children to climb and slide down from the heights, swinging has the stimulation of up and down dizziness, crossing bridges, climbing hills, and drilling caves to challenge their own courage and ability... Children are in various challenges During sexual activities, develop body movements, feel self-confidence in your own abilities, and enjoy the "wild interest" of outdoor activities. Indoor amusement rules are different from outdoors, and outdoor activities are more challenging.