Six Kinds Of Safety Equipment For Children's Play Equipment

Six safety equipment for children's play equipment

  Founded in 2006, Wenzhou Kids Play Play Co. has grown from an initial manufacturer to a multi-industry group integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. Main kindergarten slides, amusement park equipment, naughty Fort, primary and secondary teaching equipment, children's play facilities, park facilities, outdoor play facilities, fitness facilities, tables and chairs Kindergarten table and chairs, desktop toys. The company has always attached importance to product safety and environmental protection, product innovation, quality control experts recognized and testing certification. Amusement park security risks, six safety rules parents to keep in mind, a variety of equipment, safety rules have?


  1. when the baby in the jungle, slides, seesaw, swing and other activities on the facilities, you can not push people, can not slapstick.

2. in accordance with the normal operating procedures to activities, such as slides, feet down, do     not turn the slide from the outside of the railings, do not stand on the swing swing and so on.

3. if the baby jumped from a play equipment, be sure to let the baby see below no other baby or items   in the middle of the road. When the baby jumps, feet on the ground, knees should be slightly bent.


4. let the baby bike, backpacks and other items away from the device around, to avoid the baby       playing time was tripped by these items.

5. playground equipment If it is wet, tell the baby not to play, because the wet surface will make     these devices is very slippery.

6. the baby playing in the venue, do not wear clothes with a string or belt tether. Cords, backpacks   and necklaces can inadvertently hang on the device, causing danger.

  Because the swing, slide and climbing frame are so unique, they all have their own set of safe operating rules. At the same time, there are some devices in the playground that are not safe in themselves and are prone to accidents no matter how careful parents and babies are.