Take Your Kids Outside

Many moms think that the baby is very fragile, and there are many risk factors outside, and all refuse to take the baby for outdoor activities. This is a big misunderstanding, not only that, but the benefits of outdoor activities for the baby are many.

1. The baby stays in the house all day, which makes the baby sensitive to temperature changes. When the weather changes slightly, the nose will not be ventilated or coughed. Therefore, taking the baby's outdoor activities can enhance the function of the skin and nasal mucosa, promote the formation of conditioned reflexes in the cerebral cortex to improve the ability to regulate the body temperature, enhance the ability to adapt to the outside world and the resistance to disease, and prevent the occurrence of colds.

2, children outdoors, see more people and things, in the observation and communication can promote his intellectual development, so that the baby broadens the horizon. This way the baby will have a good mood, which will promote appetite, and the baby will sleep well at night.

3. Fresh air has higher oxygen content than closed indoor air, which is conducive to the development of neonatal respiratory and circulatory systems. Moreover, after the baby receives appropriate ultraviolet radiation, the body can produce vitamin D, which can promote the body's absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and has the effect of preventing rickets.

This is why many people advocate outdoor activities for children. In the first half of life, they can start to sunbathe in the short time and intermittently. They can touch the nature and breathe some fresh air. They have certain growth and health. the benefits of