Talking About The Function Of Outdoor Activities To Children

Talking about the Function of Outdoor Activities to Children

First, outdoor activities conducive to children close to the sun and the air, approached nature. Outdoor activities is the sun and fresh air as partners, to individual or group approach, the use of body senses to participate in the activities. Such as playing with the children playing with water, playing the ball, snowman children, roller skating, etc., both to meet the children love to play a good nature, but also increased their close feelings with nature.

Second, outdoor activities will help enhance children's resistance. Studies have shown that children who are often active in the outdoors, are physically strong, are not afraid of cold, rarely sick throughout the year. Summer fear of hot, winter fear of frozen children but delicate, alternating seasonal changes can not adapt, easy to colds. One of the human health signs is the ability to adapt to changes in the external environment. In determining the ability to adapt to the factors, the skin has an important role, because the skin has countless feelings of external stimulation of nerve endings, it changes the external environment and the first response to stimulation, with the performance of the regulation of body temperature The Children more outdoor activities, the use of natural conditions such as daylight stimulation to improve the ability to regulate the body temperature to enhance the health of the body. Often in the outdoor exercise of the child, by the cold stimulation, body temperature drop small, recovery speed. On the contrary, the lack of outdoor exercise children, the rate of decline in body temperature, the recovery rate is relatively slow. With the cold stimulation, systemic metabolism to strengthen the internal organs of the blood supply increased, the internal organs have also been exercise. So often the outdoor activities of the child's resistance than other children strong.

Third, outdoor activities to meet the child to move and explore the nature. In outdoor activities, the constraints on children are greatly reduced, and they are active participants in more cases, so they can give full play to their imagination, hands-on ability and creativity.

Fourth, outdoor activities conducive to the growth and development of children. Outdoor activities to enhance the respiratory organs, strengthen the ability of cardiac activities, improve the body's organs and organs function, promote growth and development are also good. Outdoor air fresh, sunny enough, can make children get enough oxygen and sunlight, so that children are not easy calcium deficiency, sunlight in the UV can improve the child's joints and muscle activity. Children in the sun and fresh air in the activities of the body to improve the sudden changes in the external environment of the resistance, enhance the body, the physiological function of each organ is of great significance. Especially ultraviolet radiation after human skin, can make the body produce vitamin D, there is the role of prevention of pediatric rickets, so for children in the growth and development period is more needed.

Fifth, outdoor activities can improve the social development of children. Outdoor activities are often needed to start with the children, even a simple game activities, there are many rules. Such as a few children slide together, there is a sequence of problems; together with building blocks, play, there is cooperation and cooperation with the problem. It can be said that outdoor activities for children to solve daily life problems, the accumulation of human life provides a broad space. Children tend to accumulate experience from the game and move to future everyday life.

6, outdoor activities conducive to the baby through the movement and feel to understand the environment. German pre-school education that outdoor activities are good for children, such as climbing, jumping, running and so on. Children are born like sports, through and feel, they will gradually understand the outside world, children realize that things are pre-and after the consequences, and a different way to understand the internal relations of things. With the expansion of the scope of activities, children's self-confidence can also continue to strengthen.