The Advantage Of Battery Bumper Car

The advantage of Battery bumper car 

The appearance of battery bumper cars and their derivatives, whether it is its prototype or development, does not seem to have a clear time. When the world of bumper cars began to prevail, many manufacturers have already set their sights on developing new products to be stimulating, fun, competitive, and can be played by passengers "freely controllable" by bumper cars, and then in internal structure and appearance. Make different improvements and innovations. Today, in addition to the battery bumper car with the appearance of the bumper car, the corresponding derivatives such as Mimi, space battleship, super bumper car, mech chariot, etc. add a lot of vitality to the amusement industry.

Since battery bumper cars and derivatives mostly use internal batteries as power supply, and generally use lower-power motor drive for safety, there is no more than 2m/s in speed, and it is an inspection-free amusement device. In addition, battery bumper cars and derivatives are also more flexible in research and development, and are not subject to the limitations or limitations of specific regulations, so that manufacturers can control and exert their creativity.

Battery bumper car

Applicable groups: parent-child (with parents under 5 years of age), student groups, friends, couples, etc.;

Available venues: indoor and outdoor venues are generally applicable, while outdoor venues are best equipped with ceilings;

Ground requirements: smooth and flat ground, and must be fenced around with specific fences;

Car body structure: mainly composed of single or multiple batteries, metal bumper frame, FRP casing, motor, etc.;

Use time: 7-8 hours when charging electricity once, can be used for about 6 hours;

Control settings: start the rear switch, remote control remote control (1 controller with 15-20 trolleys).

The battery of the battery bumper is generally mounted under the seat.

The appearance of the battery bumper car is basically the same as that of the Tiandiwang bumper car. Even some manufacturers will increase the standard level of the bumper car, and will also design the "1,920mm*width 1,150mm*height 880mm" specification specified by the Tiandiwang bumper car to improve the passenger's driving. Experience. However, compared with the Tiandiwang bumper car, the battery bumper car is powered by battery, and there will be obvious differences in speed, resulting in collision and drifting. It is also known as the bumper car in the world. Some manufacturers also improve the structure and performance of the battery bumper car. If you add a dual battery, a kinetic energy motor, a transformer, etc., the battery bumper car is getting closer and closer to the Tiandiwang bumper car.