The Advantages Of Wood Outdoor Playground

The characteristics of wood have the advantages of light weight, high strength to weight ratio, good elasticity, impact resistance, rich and beautiful texture and tone, and easy processing.

1. Naturalness: Wood is a natural material. Among the four main materials of steel, wood, cement and plastic commonly used by humans, only it is directly taken from nature, so wood has low production costs, low energy consumption, non-toxic, No pollution.

2. Wood can be tempered and dehumidified, and has good environmental characteristics.

3. High strength-to-weight ratio: The strength-to-weight ratio of wood is larger than that of general metal, that is, the wood material is light and strong.

4. Thermal insulation: The thermal conductivity of wood is very small. Compared with other materials, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 2000 times that of plastic, and the thermal conductivity of plastic is 30 times that of plastic. Therefore, wood has good thermal insulation properties.

5. Electrical insulation: Poor point conductivity of wood is a good electrical insulation material.

6. Wood is easy to process. There are many tenon joints, nail joints, and cements among wood products, and various metal connectors; it can also be bent and compressed after cooking.

7, the shortcomings of wood are flammable, perishable, not resistant to insects, dry and shrinking.

8. Decoration: The wood itself has a natural and beautiful pattern. As furniture and decorative materials, it has good decoration. Due to some of the above unique characteristics of wood.

9. In construction applications, wood is more resistant to fire than steel (contrary to the common sense of many people): Many wooden ancient buildings are only scorched from the outside after the fire, but still stand upright, and the strength of the internal structure is still high; on the contrary The reason is that after the fire of many reinforced concrete buildings, because the steel bars were burned, the buildings collapsed and the buildings were severely damaged.

10. Except for some high-density special woods, most woods have a lower specific gravity than water, can float on water, and can be used to make ships.

11. The advantages of wood as a resource: renewable, optional breeding, less investment, no pollution.