The Category Of The Kids Outdoor Slides

Children's slides can be divided into large-scale combined slides, medium-sized combined slides, and small-sized combined slides according to product size. According to the material classification, it can be divided into: stainless steel slides, wooden slides, plastic slides, glass steel slides and so on.

According to the place of use: indoor slides, outdoor children's slides, water slides and so on.

At present, the new children's slide integrates fitness and entertainment, and various styles are carefully designed according to the interests and hobbies of children. It is a new and comprehensive children's playground. It is designed for children who like drilling, climbing, sliding, etc. It is colorful, entertaining, functional, and reliable. The complete set of amusement equipment usually includes doors, bridges, slides, jacks, ladders, handrails, platens, columns, slides, climbing pipes, and rope nets; all kindergarten slides are connected by fasteners, and there are no sharp objects on the surface Out, each part has multiple models and multiple color choices; also can be personalized design and production according to customer needs. Good slides are not easy to fade, high strength, anti-static, wear-resistant, sun-resistant, aging-resistant, crack-proof, and the structure is safe and durable. The design of the combined slide is clever, the colors are harmonious, and the plastic parts are cleverly combined. The children's play equipment brings children a sense of safety, joy and liveliness.

The children's slide series products are designed with unique and ever-changing games, so that playground builders, kindergartens, and communities can create unlimited joy and attraction in a limited space, with fashionable, elegant and high-end styles.