The Correct Installation Method Of Children Bungee Jumping Bed

The correct installation method of children bungee jumping bed

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Children bungee jumping bed also called children bungee jumping, flying bungee jumping, bouncing bungee jumping and so on. It makes use of a jumping bed, a pair of elastic rope, the surface and lift the column, so you jump in the high altitude of 4 meters and make a variety of tumbling flip, how comfortable. It allows you to increase their coordination in the air, so that joints and muscles by the unique pull, both fitness and have a strong interest.

Children bungee jumping bed mainly by: center column, pole, up and down diagonal, mini electric hoist, fastening wire rope and other components. Among them, the center column has five major components, chassis, electric hoist fixed frame, under the slope of the fixed zipper and fixed on the ramp, the pole has a chassis and up and down fixed composition.

Children bungee jumping bed become a playground now the most prosperous one of the equipment, after the installation is the first thing to start, then how to install it? How can children be more secure when they play?

Correct installation steps:

1, the center column, choose a flat ground, the center column vertical put, left and right not to tilt. Bar under the diagonal bar and the center column (under the ramp fixed) connected to each other fastening. And then bar under the slanting fastening and connecting the center fastening chain, do not be too tight.

2, the first tightening of the rope will be installed in the upper diagonal left and right apart from the heart of the chicken ring fastened.

3, pole alignment under the inclined bar tilted into the center column, and then bar on the diagonal bar and the pole connected to each other fastening.

4, the two lifting rope on the hook on the left and right separately, respectively, hanging on the diagonal bar

Of the round hole. So that the rope rope head connected to the insurance hook, elastic rope, seat belts.

5, two or so separate, pull up and down the wire rope, and the pole to form a straight line, keep the pole and the upper ramp parallel to the vertical slowly rising upright until the upper ramp and the center column oblique fixed connection together.

6, pull up the connection of the two tightening of the wire rope, respectively, hanging on the left and right sides of the lower diagonally at the end of the steel ring and tighten, keep the vertical pole.

7, the upper diagonal center zipper connected to each other in the adjacent upper ramp on the end of the fastening ring, the flower basket screw adjustment on the ramp, the same distance and tension, to keep the vertical pole.

8, electric hoist installed in the center column of the motor holder. So that the electric hoist wire rope, limit the switch to maintain the center of the central column position.

9, electric hoist wire rope head down the string over the center of the block, hook. After being removed by wire rope fastening fastening.

10, lifting wire rope in the heart of the heart and electric hoist hook want to connect. The limit plate is adjusted to the rope of the lifting wire rope from the pulley 5-10Cm, the limit switch is automatically disconnected.

In addition to flying blue sky also recommended taboo the following safety precautions:

1, bungee jumping only in the park, leisure square, pedestrian street and other places without traffic;

2, the trampoline for 1 to 10 years old (weight 40 kg or less) age children;

3, under the age of three children playing trampoline must be a good seat belt and in the custody below the play;

4, the operator in each operation must be carefully checked before the seat belt is tied, the rope is fixed, only to let the children play;

5, often check bungee jumping on the various parts of the bed are loose or damaged, and found a timely replacement of damage;

6, often from time to time with a dry cloth to wipe the trampoline, keep clean and hygienic.