The Difference Between Indoor Playground And Inflatable Castle

  Children's naughty Fort equipment is designed for children under 12 years of age, it is through a combination of scientific three-dimensional combination of entertainment naughty fort, activities, puzzle, fitness and other effects as a whole. So what is the difference between children's naughty Fort equipment and inflatable fort? A lot of people can not tell the difference between them. Today, Le Fort Entertainment Equipment Co., Ltd. will popularize the difference between them.

  First of all, the biggest difference is that children's naughty Fort equipment is no power facilities, without any power plant can operate, and Fortification need to take power using centrifugal fan tension and pressure difference inside and outside the film to form the shape of the toy.


  In addition, inflatable castle is generally made of PVC mesh cloth, while the naughty Fort is from the soft pipe, seamless steel, plastic products, and other combinations. Play more fixed projects for the slides, drilling holes, rock climbing, castles and other categories. The children's naughty Fort equipment up to hundreds of projects, trampoline, ocean ball pool, all kinds of electric toys and other numerous types. Inflatable castle affected by the environment, the weather changes directly affect the operation of the inflatable castle, and children's naughty Castle equipment due to indoor, less affected by the environment, regardless of seasonal weather can operate.


  There are also from the perspective of investment is not the same, most of Inflatable Fort is operating in the outdoor, less investment, high return, can be flexible, both the cost of the product or the venue are the naughty Fort are unmatched . The naughty fort are mostly installed indoors, not easy to move the high investment, high return class.

  To sum up, the only thing in common with children's naughty castle and inflatable castle is that they are designed for children. Comparing the two, Inflatable Fort is made entirely of PVC mesh cloth, is used outdoors, not only affected by the weather, but also more outdoor dust, children's play is extremely prone to health problems. The children's naughty Fort equipment is a combination of soft tube, seamless steel, plastic products, etc., is in the indoor playground facilities, clean, but also to cultivate children's independent personality. While playing, children can not only exercise their bodies and achieve the purpose of brainstorming but also benefit the children's healthy growth and enhance their immunity.