The Hottest Child Care Playground Facilities And Equipment Have?

The hottest child care playground facilities and equipment have?

 Child intellectual investment, education investment is an essential investment for every family. With the deepening popular belief in scientific nurture, children's playground is gradually accepted by many families. Many investors noticed this new trend of the market, have set foot in children playground, a friend recently asked: What are the most popular children playground equipment? Below You Valley Valley children's playground for everyone to introduce some.


Firstly,Interactive projection slide

  Compared to the traditional playground equipment, interactive projection slides make people's eyes bright, instantly make the venue sense of science and technology, attract sb.'s attention, attract popularity, is one of the rare bursting with the project. Easy operation of the game equipment, the overall design of human nature, support for multi-person interaction, colorful interactive effects for participants more joy, ordinary ordinary slide can not enjoy. Is one of the most popular toddler playground facilities and equipment.


Secondly,the beach treasure hunt

  Psychologists believe that playing sand is not only a game, but more importantly, a great benefit to children's growth. Sand is both solid and fluid, it is volatile and easy to grasp, its endless form and inexhaustible play essentially meet the needs of children's inner needs creation. By the children's favorite, is one of the most popular toddler playground facilities and equipment.


Thirdly, Kids Career Experience

  Children's Professional Experience Hall provides children with high simulation facilities and props to simulate the social environment so as to enable them to play adult occupational roles in various occupations in different professional experience stores. They work hard to make money and get full promotion and acceptance while experiencing hard work. Play to cultivate professional ideals, planning their own future. It makes up for the lack of traditional education methods, has a new educational function that enables children to experience social occupations and cultivate social adaptability early, and has been unanimously approved by the whole society. Welcomed by parents and children, it is one of the hottest kindergarten playground equipment.


Finally, ancient times

  Dinosaurs living in ancient times appear in front of children, children can ride on dinosaurs, and can walk them, sometimes dinosaurs will make a cry, where children will enjoy the thrill of taming the dinosaurs ! Ancient times is not just a play equipment, but also assumed the role of science, to help children understand ancient biology, to understand the ancient world.


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