The Importance Of Developing Kids Intelligence

Helping children develop their intelligence is not just about maximizing their basic intelligence. The development of children's intelligence is closely related to their normal psychological growth. The attitude of parents and teachers on the child's intelligence profoundly affects the child's intellectual development. We can help them develop healthily by guiding their children to establish a correct attitude towards learning and their own intellectual development.

Let the children act in their own way. We must avoid the excessive guidance of adults to children. For example, let the child describe and paint things as he sees it. The painting is not like this or the bird's wings are not like this. If a mother says so hard, then the joy that the child gets from creation will be damaged. It is the right way to give help when the child asks for guidance.
Don't force your child to implement any plan. Many parents are troubled by the fact that they are doing things for their children. in fact. As the child grows up, his interest will continue to expand, and any activity will want to try. In the eyes of the parents, it seems that this is a child's development of a bad work habit. But enough, through many attempts at the event, the child can indeed learn a lot. After a few trials, a good ending and a spirit of perseverance will appear on your child.

Don't use your child's talent as a capital to show off. Some parents often use their children's performances to show off their own education. I don't know if this will have a negative impact on my child's learning. Forcing a child to perform a recital, dance or sing to a visiting uncle or grandmother, will make him feel that learning is just a work of fun, not fun.