This Slide Park, Not To Mention The Children, Adults Want To Play Too

This Slide Park, Not To Mention The Children, Adults Want To Play Too

In Japan, a very famous parent-child park, because there is a do not see the end, long as a green dragon slippery, and ah not only slide slides famous, inside the amusement facilities are also more adults and children are reluctant to go. The name of the park is Okinawa's Pu Tian Park, located in the middle of Pu Tian City, northeast of the city, close to Yibaoya City from Naha city road along the National Highway No. 330 line, then about 20 to 25 minutes will be able to (parking Convenient) to stop the car to the slide on the way through the cemetery, will mind the people will consider it.

The red slides are only warm-up, mini-slides are ideal for younger children.

Also in the middle there is such a wide slide

And then go up there are some recreational facilities,

The most eye-catching is the back of this large facility. There are slides, there are climbing net, there are bunkers, is the secret of the whole family of the castle.

Have to pay attention to this huge climbing network ~ ~ ~ like a 360-degree rotation of the roller coaster

However, these amusement facilities are not as good as everyone looking forward to the long slides ah, Pu Tian Park, the slide is really super long, next to the National Highway No. 330

It is said that Pu Ti's slippery slides have a high degree of speed, if you learn to shrink the foot, not the general stuck. Coupled with the acceleration of adults is very fast, it is easy to catch up with the front of the children, the family is a good way to cultivate feelings.

But to the slippery entrance to climb a section of the road first

From the top of the slide can see the National Highway No. 330, from the height overlooking the landscape is very special

Because the slides are wheel type, afraid of ass pain is best to prepare cardboard, or this thing yo! After reading, do you feel the heart of it?