The Market Of The Kids Amusement Park

                                                      The market of the kids amusement park

At present, children's theme parks that cannot be replaced by e-commerce are gradually accepted and loved by more and more young parents. More and more parents in the 80s and 90s are willing to accompany their children to the outdoor children's playground.

On the other hand, behind the fierce market of children's theme parks is the difficult survival of some individual children's park enterprises. Although the return rate of funds for children's theme parks is estimated to be around 40%, and the payback period is about 2.5 years, there are many children's parks in China because of the unclear theme, low playability, and poor operation. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the theme of the park is not prominent and the playability is not high and the operation is not good. As mentioned before, tickets are the most important source of income for children's theme parks, accounting for 80%.

The current surge in the number of shopping centers is an indisputable fact. Almost every shopping center has an indoor children's playground of different sizes. This obviously has a diversion effect on the source of tourists. The children's theme park is the same as the shopping center it relies on. The radius is being gradually compressed. The competition for indoor children's parks is fierce, and the outdoor children's theme park is still in the market with less facilities and less competition.