The Physical Knowledge In The Trampoline

The physical knowledge in the trampoline

Trampoline is an athlete to use the trampoline rebound to the performance of acrobatic skills of sports, belonging to a gymnastics, "air ballet," said. Trampoline movement contains a lot of physical knowledge, looking for trampoline in the force. Here we select a process to analyze: we put the athletes from the height by the static fall into several different stages of decomposition analysis (ignoring the impact of air resistance): First, the athletes dropped from the height to contact trampoline. During this process the athlete's center of gravity is reduced, gravity is done positive, the potential energy potential is reduced, into the kinetic energy increase. Second, the athlete from the contact trampoline to its speed increased to the maximum. The focus of this stage athletes continue to decline, the potential energy potential continues to decrease; kinetic energy increases, the speed of athletes increased. Why is the speed of the athlete increasing? Because the trampoline athletes upward elasticity and the trampoline deformation, the greater the deformation, the greater the elasticity. When the trampoline is in contact with the trampoline, the deformation is smaller and the elasticity is smaller than the gravity of the athlete. The direction of the resultant force is downward and the direction of motion is the same, so the speed continues to increase. When the elastic force is equal to gravity, Force is zero, the speed of people will no longer increase to reach the maximum. At the same time the deformation of the spring has been increasing, the elastic potential has also been increased. In this process, the potential energy of gravity is converted into kinetic energy and elastic potential energy. Third, the athletes from the speed to the lowest point to the movement to the lowest point. The focus of this stage of the athletes continue to decline, the potential energy potential continues to decrease; kinetic energy reduction, the athlete's speed decreases. Why is the athlete's speed reduced? Because at this time the athletes have been subjected to the elasticity is greater than the gravity, together direction upward, and the opposite direction of movement, so the speed by

Gradually decreases until the velocity decreases to zero. When the person reaches the lowest point, the trampoline is the largest and the elastic potential is also the largest. This stage is the potential energy of gravity and kinetic energy into elastic potential energy. Athletes from the static drop to the lowest point of the whole process, the composition of the system and the energy of the spring, the lowest point of the elastic potential is equal to the full reduction of human potential energy potential. Fourth, the athletes from the lowest point to the highest point, the process and its decline in the process is also accompanied by elastic potential and gravity potential, kinetic energy and other energy conversion between each other. However, in the trampoline game we will find such a scenario: athletes will jump after jumping higher. How did he do it? Careful viewers will find athletes in the process of falling in the process of knees, the purpose is to further reduce the center of gravity, the more potential energy potential into elastic potential; from the lowest point of the trampoline rise, the athletes will stand the body, Trampoline, the body of chemical energy into kinetic energy and gravity potential energy. In this way, in addition to the elastic potential energy is also part of the chemical energy into kinetic energy and gravity potential, so that athletes can rise higher.