The Process And Characteristics Of The Process Of Children 's Naughty Fort And Combination Slide

The process and characteristics of the process of children 's naughty fort and combination slide

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First, the company's products are all standardized production, according to customer needs to complete the finished product, these accessories according to the material and use can be roughly divided into the following: 1. Steel structure (all pipe fittings) (Parts of the platform) 3. Plastic parts (rolling parts, injection parts, blow molding pieces) 4. Wood parts, rope pieces 5. Die-casting aluminum parts (fittings and fasteners between accessories) 6. Stainless steel standard parts (bolts, screws, gaskets and other fasteners)

Second, the process of processing and characteristics

1. Steel structure is all hot-dip galvanized material, the surface zinc content of 160k / m, pipe thickness is 2.2mm, effectively prevent the use of the product in the process of corrosion from the inside out, enhance product life, some products In the welding process, the zinc layer is destroyed, our products in the spray before the surface of the weld plus zinc-coated anti-corrosion coating to ensure that the zinc layer is not lost. More than 90% of our welding parts with mechanical welding, tolerance plus or minus 0.1mm, the weld strength of all adult standards for testing to ensure that the product is simple to install, fast, safe use of the product in the process. Processing - process - drawing - shot - pre - treatment (polishing, anti - corrosion treatment) - heating - spraying - drying - cooling - cooling - - inspection --- packaging --- storage --- out of the library, you need 16 links.

2. Thin plate: all with 2.2mm thick cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is flat and in the bottom of the welding support to ensure that can withstand 1000kg weight, in order to safety and enhance product life, we are in the product surface with automatic punch processing anti- Hole, diameter of 8mm. Surface treatment process spray and plastic coated two kinds of treatment methods, spray surface thickness of 0.6mm, plastic is about 4mm (material pvc) processing process flow chart: according to the drawings cut - test - punch feet - punching hole - Punching side edge - fold - welding - pre-treatment (shot blasting, polishing) - heating - spraying (plastic) - inspection - packaging - storage - a library. Need 14 links.

3. Plastic parts: all the use of food-grade raw materials for production, in the production process to prevent back to the material production, to ensure safe, non-toxic, we used to produce plastic parts of the mold all use cnc processing center processing, , To prevent children's skin in the course of the use of the injury received, in order to use the safety and enhance the useful life of our plastic parts are about 5mm thickness, and uniform, the key part of the hole in the mold all do, do not need to Processing, improve installation efficiency and safety standards. Processing process flow chart: milling - plus color - feeding - heating - cooling - open mode - cooling - stereotypes - trim - inspection --- packaging --- storage - out of the library. Need 13 links.

4. Wood parts and rope pieces: Wood parts are divided into log products and naughty Fort soft package accessories, all non-toxic raw materials for production, product bearing all according to international standards design and production (including drying, etc.). Rope products used in all marine cable, which with 6 shares of wire rope, carrying capacity of 20 tons. 5 die-cast aluminum standard according to the German standard production, die-casting raw materials grades A-S7G and A-S13, the product surface lead content to meet EU standards, product safety and solid. 6 stainless steel standard parts are all 316 material, and the surface is smooth, not more than the international standard, to prevent the occurrence of safe collision accidents.