The Right Way To Clean The Naughty Fortress

The right way to clean the naughty castle


For the naughty castle, cleaning naughty castle is a must for an important job. It is also related to the basic children's play venues health, so there are many details of the work we have to do bit. And we have to use the right way to do these things. Now look at the naughty fort cleaning, maintenance, maintenance common sense Summary:

First, the cleaning method of toys

The cleaning and repair of the toy is the contents of the daily maintenance of the toy store or the toy, and the operation item of the toy store. In the case of

Toy cleaning is a simple cleaning and complex cleaning of the points, a simple cleaning is the first toy into the 1:99 dilution of household bleach soak for 30 minutes, then washed with water. In the case of

In the case of

The steps for complex cleaning are as follows:

1. Rinse with flowing water, wipe, remove the dirt attached to the surface of the toy;

2. Scrub with a special disinfectant to kill possible infectious bacteria;

3. Then wash the water to wash, remove the disinfectant;

4. In the ultraviolet disinfection room, for 10-20 minutes of super penetration sterilization. In the case of

If you want to maintain different types of materials, toys, life, to ensure that customers use the health and safety, cleaning and maintenance of toys is extremely important. Toys should always be cleaned and fully exposed. In the case of

Plastic toy You can soak the water, or with solvents, medications dilution cleaning method to ensure that the toy clean. In the case of

2. fluff toys. Can be sent to the laundry dry cleaning or self-cleaning, self-cleaning can be divided into stratified cleaning or the overall cleaning. In the case of

Layered cleaning is to fill the toys inside the cotton out, and the skin separately cleaning, layered cleaning first to find out the toy filling mouth suture, and then carefully cut out, come up with cotton and then clean. In the case of

In the case of

The overall cleaning is to throw the whole stuffed into the washing machine or soap scrub. In the case of

3. Cloth toys. Cloth dolls, cloth book cloth cloth can be washed according to the packaging of washing, regular cleaning. In the case of

4. Wooden toys. Because the wood material water and easy to borers, so these toys can not be cleaned, it is best to always exposure. In the case of

5. Electronic toys. Such toys can not be cleaned, only with a clean cloth to wipe the water. In the case of

Third, the toy repair

The general degree of toy play and the quality of the toy itself has a great relationship, so as long as the purchase before the appropriate choice, the correct use, you can damage the toy to minimize the situation. In the case of

In the case of

Before opening the toy package, first pay attention to whether the appearance of marked safety toys and the appropriate age, the other need other accessories (such as batteries, motors, small parts, etc.) with the use; then read the instructions in detail, and should follow the steps To operate;

In the case of

If there is no manual, to consult the experts, it will not happen man-made failure. If you accidentally cause damage to the toy, serious may need to repair or can not be used at all, the light can use a simple tool to repair. In the case of

Repair toys, the most commonly used tool is nothing more than instant glue, screwdriver (cross or one shape), diagonal pliers, tweezers, alcohol, cotton sticks, electric iron and so on. The following are some of the following failures:

1, video game class. Often the case of controller failure, as long as the screwdriver to open the controller, replaced the failure of the upper and lower rubber pad can continue to use; AC-DC transformers are often used for a long time lead to reduced life, then just spend 150 -200 yuan to buy a new change, you can save a lot of repair costs (in general, the transformer is broken can not be repaired). In the case of

2, remote control car maintenance. First check whether the battery power, and then check the battery box is due to moisture corrosion caused by poor contact. To avoid this situation, the toy should be done after use, the battery out. If it has been rusted, iron brush can be used to clean the copper rust, and then alcohol can be cleaned (as long as the battery is used in electric toys, maintenance can be maintained by the principle of maintenance); if the shell damage due to damage to the remote control car store Buy accessories to replace. In the case of

In the case of

3 general plastic, alloy deformable toys. Such toys are often broken by accidentally falling or breaking the main part of the direction and scope of the activities of the break. It can be fixed with instant glue. Rupture will reduce the degree of toy resistance, so before use should be in accordance with the instructions in detail. In the case of

4. fluff dolls. Dirty puppets toys can be dry or washed according to the material, holes can also be used to sew sewing, so it can be said that the most easy to repair the toy. Long hair villi should always use a comb to sort out the hair, so as not to damage the original texture and beautiful. In addition to the above basic repair common sense, other such as electronic or mechanical toys, because of its internal structure is more complex, and professional requirements are high, most people can not repair, so these toys must be repaired by professionals. In the case of

In the case of

Four, how to store toys

I, packed up. You can put the toys in the doorless, no wooden box or storage box. Some easily damaged materials such as paper bags, plastic bags, etc., are not suitable for placing toys. In addition, the customer every time after playing the toy, the clerk should be in time to clean up the toys neatly, put back to the original position. In the case of

In the case of

2. Category. Generally in accordance with the texture of toys and materials to be classified, a variety of toys in different categories to store. In the case of

3. Regular inspection. Toys must be regularly checked, broken old toys to be cleaned in time. In the case of

4. Always clean the toy. Should keep the toy clean, especially cloth or wool doll toys, relatively easy in the wet weather to breed bacteria or mold, but also pay attention to keep clean.