The Safety Of The Kids In The Kindergarten

  1. Nowadays, the society is developing rapidly, our living environment is constantly changing, and there are more and more unsafe factors. In addition, due to the age characteristics of young children, they lack life experience, often close to danger and have no feelings. Is the age most likely to be dangerous.

I remember last year, there was a child in a kindergarten who was standing on the swaying ship and swaying very high. As a result, he fell down and broke his leg, causing great harm to children and families.

Therefore, kindergartens should put safety work on the agenda of their work, regularly publicize the importance of safety work, so that teachers can firmly establish the "safety first" education concept, and include safety education as an important part in class work.

2. In the management of kindergartens, the leaders of the park often pay attention to the safety of facilities and equipment (regular inspection), while ignoring the training of faculty and staff. In the day activities, teachers only pay attention to how to strengthen their sense of responsibility and ensure the safety of young children. Ignore the training of children's safety awareness and self-protection ability in a random day.

Therefore, in recent years, although leaders at all levels have repeatedly emphasized safety issues, accidents in kindergartens are still common, such as: some children fall, burn, bruises and so on. The main reason for the accident is that teachers are not aware of safety and have insufficient sense of responsibility. Therefore, as a kindergarten administrator, the safety of young children should be put in the first place. Only in the premise of ensuring the safety of young children can education be carried out in all aspects. .