The Skills To Buy The Kids Products

                                                     The skills to buy the kids products

At home, children are more and more valued by children from play to use, so the safety of children's amusement equipment is very important, so we have to pay a lot of attention when purchasing again. When purchasing children's amusement equipment, we must properly analyze and compare the requirements of production technology and supply, the principles of advanced technology, economical rationality, and applicable production, as well as availability, maintainability, and operability to determine Procurement plan; the selection, quantity, and purchase cost budget of amusement equipment need to be formulated according to the size of the store, the shape of the venue, and local actual conditions. In addition, we must be firm in one philosophy: determine our position and firm position, and not be affected by the industry or the external environment. So take the time to understand as much as possible before purchasing amusement equipment, especially for operators who are new to the children's playground industry. The following summarizes some small experiences and share with you some tips and tricks on purchasing children's playground equipment.

1. It is necessary to clearly define the location and business model of the investment site before purchasing. Do not define children's play equipment in a certain age group. The most important thing is to put the safety of play equipment first. This is beyond doubt.

2. Determine the types, proportions and quantities of various types of children's play equipment according to the planned site layout.

① After obtaining the area and floor plan of the site, according to the specific equipment purchased, a layout of the equipment can be made in advance on the floor plan (generally regular manufacturers can provide this service);

② The types of children's amusement equipment are generally divided into electronics, machinery, children, etc., including lottery machines, gift machines, simulation machines, frame machines, naughty castles, etc.

3. After sales service

This requires investors to compare the equipment selection of various manufacturers, determine the specific terms of equipment after-sales service, and try to avoid unnecessary trouble in equipment maintenance in the future.

In summary, the purchase of children's play equipment must not be limited to the price level. More attention should be paid to the product quality and after-sales service quality of the manufacturer, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of children's play equipment.