The Slides Of The Kids Playground

                                                                        The slides of the kids playground

The general slide is composed of climbing section, platform section and sliding section, and generally uses wood, stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, reinforced plastic and other raw materials. In terms of size, it should follow the principles of ergonomics, highly cooperate with the human body, and combine with children's age and body shape in order to benefit their healthy growth. For general slides, the inclination angle of the climbing ladder frame is about 70 degrees, the width is 40cm, the ladder plate is 6cm high, and handrails are set on both sides. The inclination angle of the skateboard is 30-35 degrees, 40cm wide, and the straight edges on both sides are 18cm, which is convenient for children to brake their feet. In addition, finished skateboards and home-made skateboards should be covered with a human pad of not less than 3cm thick or sand or more than 40cm in the lower part of the ladder to prevent children from falling and being injured.

In addition, when designing, pay attention to the bearing capacity, cushioning force of the slide, the armrests on both sides, whether the width is appropriate, and whether the parabola is reasonable. But of all the improved designs, safety must be given top priority.