The Trampoline Theme Park Is Getting Hot

The trampoline theme park is getting hot

Recently, Hengyang, Hunan held a trampoline full match, the stadium outside a public trampoline experience area full of people, many parents with a child in the trampoline hop is a day, dark also refused to leave, resulting in the site staff had to work overtime "Escort". In Beijing, Shanghai and other places of the trampoline theme park, this scene often staged in the weekend.

"The public trampoline early in order to promote the trampoline this sport, with the development of public trampoline, we began to think about how competitive sports into the consumer groups, the competitive sports to entertainment and popular way out." In the experience area reporter To see a sports company in Shanghai, trampoline project retired athlete Zhang Lijia, according to his current national trampoline theme park about 400 or so, which is subject to the property and many other restrictions. From 2014 onwards, the trampoline theme park to the annual rate of more than 100 crazy growth, can be called the theme park in the basic area of more than 1000 square meters in Beijing, Shanghai and other places of the trampoline theme park area of 3000 to 7000 Square meters.

Trampoline theme park hot reason, first of all trampoline project for the healthy development of children a useful attribute. "The study shows that the trampoline is a safe and healthy environment for a consumer group like a child before the age of 12. The trampoline is a balanced sport that distinguishes items such as badminton, tennis, etc. , In the case of children before the age of 12 did not grow into the case of unilateral force of the project is likely to cause scoliosis. "Second, in the promotion of public trampoline in the process, the security was put in the first to be strengthened. "First of all, we have equipment from the equipment manufacturers to provide steel frame structure, jumping, soft pad have special standards and requirements, and secondly we have coaches and security professional training, for their unsafe consumer behavior will be promptly stopped , There are emergency treatment mechanisms for sudden injuries, etc. According to the area and the project area, the general 1000 square meters of venues will be equipped with 10 to 15 security officers, their stations to ensure that the entire venue without visual dead ends. There are some security risks, so we require children under 5 years of age must be accompanied by parents, children over 5 years of age can be individually involved.

Take a 1000 square meter trampoline theme park for example, with annual turnover between 300 and 4 million. Tickets in the first line of urban consumption of an average of 80 yuan per hour, second - tier cities about 50 yuan per hour. "Trampoline theme park has the strength to attract passenger flow, so do a good job retention rate is that we are very important. Trampoline theme park venues operators to professional, can provide professional services, guidance and explanation. The venue will be reduced, so the venue also held a regular trampoline fancy performances with the audience to interact, you can also increase the children's training programs to increase the use of the site. "According to Zhang Lijia introduction, if the venue is large enough, trampoline theme park is the whole family The best place to spend daily fitness. "There are three areas in the venue, one for full - age play area, one for children 's training area, and one adult trampoline aerobics area, which covers a wide range of recreational, educational and fitness complexes.

Trampoline theme park expansion of the reasons for the speed of course, is the stimulation of market demand, "for a parent, the most troublesome thing every weekend is to play with children where the parents now changed the concept of the weekend to practice a sport To promote the development of children's physical and mental development has become a lot of people choose, not just some cultural class learning. Sports has a lot of positive energy, a lot of trampoline theme park in the weekend full, often to line up for half an hour to play. Zhang Lijia where the company is currently the only professional trampoline theme park operation and management company, with the expansion of the market, there must be more teams and companies to join the competition, Zhang Lijia music see it, but hope that the development of the industry in a benign track On, rather than repeated safety incidents. "Safety is the first, if the safety accident is multiple, will lead to parents misunderstood the trampoline this project is very dangerous, certainly do not want to let the children involved in. To this end, we have to strengthen the industry management, also introduced some safety standards and strengthen Supervision.