There Are Many Basic Ways To Play The Slide, And Different Ways To Play Are Suitable For Different Age Ranges

There are many basic ways to play the slide, and different ways to play are suitable for different age ranges

One: a single decline
      This kind of gameplay is common, and it is also a favorite of many children. According to the principle of friction, you can master the sliding speed. According to the length of the slide, you can choose the appropriate speed. It is suitable for 3-5 years old babies. Children in this age range are already With a certain degree of control, you can also have simple communication with teachers or parents, so it is still acceptable.
Two: rapid decline
      This method requires a safety officer to separate the children who are playing. Because the speed is relatively fast, there are too many children on the slide. In the case of speeding, it is likely to cause trampling and collision accidents. The soft tissue and body of the child are not yet mature. A slight impact may have a great impact. This is also a big reason why many parents avoid children from playing slides. At this time, more safety protection measures are needed to avoid it.
Three: Many people continue to decline
      This kind of gameplay is dangerous, but it is also liked by many children, because children prefer to play with their friends, holding hands and playing slides together. This kind of gameplay is more suitable for children aged 5-7, and requires a certain speed. , And must have safety protection measures, suitable for long-distance slides, and the width of the slides must be sufficient. Generally, large playgrounds will have such slides, but ordinary kindergartens or schools do not have them. Not only are they more expensive, but also because High risk, so many people are reluctant to take risks.