There Are So Many Amusement Equipment, But Do You Really Care About Security?

There are so many amusement equipment, but do you really care about security?

The installation of indoor children's playground equipment is directly related to the children's play experience and personal safety. If the amusement equipment is not properly installed or installed poorly, it is easy to have such a failure, which will not only hurt the children's interest in play, but also threaten the child's personal safety.

Not only that, if the indoor children's playground equipment is not properly installed, then the installed objects will be greatly different from the design drawings, and the renderings will not be displayed optimally. . Therefore, in the installation of indoor children's playground equipment, we must not be careless, perfunctory, and must be strictly controlled. What are the precautions for indoor children's playground equipment when installing?

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01 must be installed in strict accordance with the design drawings, but also flexible according to the actual situation.

Indoor children's parks are custom-made products, and all play equipment is produced and installed according to the design renderings. How to place the amusement equipment, how much space between the various amusement equipments, etc., are fixed on the design. Therefore, if the design drawings are correct, the installation of the amusement equipment needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the design drawings.

However, we need to pay attention to the fact that the designer is not likely to be all-inclusive when designing, and there may be some negligence in some aspects. At this time, the installer should be flexible and make reasonable changes according to the actual situation of the site.

02 It is necessary to ensure local firmness and to ensure overall firmness.

In the installation process of the indoor children's playground equipment, we must ensure that all the amusement equipment can operate normally, and at the same time, pay attention to the overall safety and firmness. When installing, the screws and other fasteners must be tightened. The joint between the two amusement equipments should be fastened. The brackets constructed of galvanized steel pipes must also be fixed. After installation, you can double check to see if there are any omissions. The best way is to experience all the amusement equipment one by one and find that the weak places are repaired in time.

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03 Make sure there are no hard objects exposed.

The child's self-protection awareness is very weak, and the skin is extremely delicate. One accidentally squats, touches or scratches the skin. Therefore, at the time of installation, for the harder or sharper part of the amusement equipment, it must be wrapped with a tube to prevent the child from being injured.

04 Avoid too wide gaps.

During the installation of the indoor children's playground, between the two amusement equipment, between the amusement equipment and the wall, between the amusement equipment and the bracket, there will inevitably be gaps in these successive places. If the gap is too large, the child will easily fall into the gap and get stuck during the play. Therefore, be sure to avoid too wide gaps.

05 The slope of the amusement equipment should not be too large.

There will be a certain slope between the amusement equipment such as the rainbow ladder, slides and climbing frames and the ground. For the safety of children's play, these slopes are not too big, and the safety of children's play should be fully considered.

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06 installation of the protective net.

The protective net is an indispensable safety barrier in indoor children's parks. Platforms of the second floor and above, the side of the devil slide, the circumference of the trampoline, etc., all need to install a protective net. Therefore, it must not be missed during the installation process, and at the same time, it must be ensured to be robust and safe.

These are just some of the safety issues concerning children's playground equipment. There are more details that need to be operated by the venue operators based on actual experience. I hope everyone can remember the safety first, remember their responsibilities, turn the venue and manage them carefully.