This Is What The High-end Venue Should Look Like!

This is what the high-end venue should look like!

    Children's paradise is in full swing and competition is increasing. To survive and develop in this environment, we must pay more attention to details, create a personalized and exclusive children's playground, find a direction that can be broken, and make the park more distinctive. A wise road. So how is the so-called "high-end" children's paradise high-end?

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1, free WiFi and charging socket

Mobile phone is the most commonly used tool in our life. Install a charging socket and free WiFi in the parent's rest area, so that parents can charge their mobile phones, computers and other electronic products while they are nursing and waiting for their children. Busy parents take care of their children while they are accompanying their children. They work on the Internet to deal with official duties or play.

2, set up parents' leisure area and rest area

It is very necessary to set up a parent rest area in the Children's Park store. The conditions allow you to set up a leisure area, and you must let the rest area and leisure area play the area for the children, so that the parents can rest comfortably at the same time. It is easy to care for in the eyes of the parents.

3, regular organization of activities to increase viscosity

By observing, when children play in indoor children's playgrounds, one of the most common behaviors of parents is taking pictures. They are very happy to record the growth of children. By organizing activities, customers can be more viscous and provide a better platform or environment for parents to record their growth.

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4, add some video game consoles

Children's paradise is more to meet the children's needs for play, but we know that it is generally not enough for parents to take their children to go to the park. It is not enough to keep the children. It is more important to keep the parents. The boundaries between video games and indoor children's playgrounds have gradually faded. The future development trend of indoor children's parks must be the home entertainment center. It is possible to add some video game consoles in indoor children's parks to "retain" parents.

5. Add more parent-child interactive rides

Adding some amusement facilities that parents and children can participate in together, so that parents can no longer wait boringly, but can participate in it, and is also conducive to the development of parent-child relationship.

6. Regular disinfection, cleaning and security inspection

Security issues are at the heart of the children's paradise. Let parents take their children to consume, and safety measures must be done well. The amusement equipment in the children's playground is regularly cleaned and disinfected to ensure that the children's equipment is clean and hygienic, so that the children can play with confidence; the site should be designed with a little right angle and more curved shape; the whole children's play facilities should be regularly checked for safety. To prevent safety accidents caused by equipment leakage, looseness, etc.; there must be a clear prompt in the field "Please take care of your children, pay attention to amusement safety", beware of accidents.

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7, different industry alliance promotion and management

In the Internet age, promotion is a very important part of business activities. How to let more customers know about our paradise and come to experience it. The promotion of cross-industry alliance is a good way. For example, customers who buy children's clothing in children's clothing stores, give free experience to children's paradise (or discount), to Customers who consume in the children's playground, donate discounts for children's meals, etc.

8, the cabinet for placing things

At the entrance to the children's paradise, shoe cabinets and lockers can be set up to facilitate the placement of shoes and items for parents and children, keeping the interior of the park clean and hygienic and orderly placed.

9, create a professional service team

Children's parks should employ young women who have experience with children, such as kindergarten teachers, tutors or young mothers, to gradually build a professional service team through the competition of survival of the fittest. A reasonable mix of thinking and action can bring a steady flow of development to the children's playground.

10. Clear target customers

Faced with the problem of purchasing amusement equipment, operators should consider the location of the park and the needs of the target group. They should not judge the choice of amusement equipment from their own feelings. Clearly target the target customers and manage the children's playground more accurately. If the target customer is an older child between 8 and 12 years old, consider a more challenging project such as child development and mirror maze. The target customer is a younger child aged 3 to 8 years old. Consider a childish naughty castle with a slightly simpler ride. .

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11, branding

Based on the trust in brand strength, many shopping centers will give priority to the selection of brands when they invite investment, and give greater discounts on rents. In the later period of operation, the brand is more competitive, and customers are more willing to choose to go to the branded playground for consumption. Therefore, choosing to cooperate with the brand or to build your own playground into a brand can provide greater convenience to the playground in the shopping center.

12, event planning

The playground can attract customers through new and interesting, colorful and high-quality equipment, but not just rely on equipment. Equipment upgrades are fast, and in order to retain customers, it is also necessary to increase customer emotional stickiness through event planning. For example, by organizing parent-child activities or competition activities, the customer experience is enhanced and the customer's feelings for the playground are enhanced.

13, quality service

The customers of the shopping center have strong economic ability and pay more attention to the consumer experience. Proactive and friendly service quality gives the park a dynamic vitality, and standardized management ensures the park's long-term profitability.

Nowadays, the children's park market is gradually emerging, but in reality, there are also many naughty castles that have not been open for business for a long time. It looks like a lot of scenery, but why is a good market not getting good results? Perhaps, these points can solve your problem, increase traffic and profit!

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