Tips For Kids Outdoor Playground

Rolling plastic slide manufacturers - Kidsplayplay industry to share with you, use and install the small Dr. children slide notes

First, the use of matters: When the baby can sit independently, the parents can lead the children to play the small doctor slide, when the time is used, the parents must hold the baby's armpit down from the top, preferably plus Speech description, such as "flying up" and other words. When the baby is a little older, the mother can take care of it, in case the baby falls sideways, and the father is followed by the bottom. When the baby can walk independently, the baby can climb the small doctor slide, but remember that the parents should help under the accident to avoid accidents.

Second, the installation matters: After purchasing the small doctor slide, the device must be strictly in accordance with the instructions, and requires professional equipment personnel to complete. After the device, it is possible to use a product equivalent to the weight of the human body for trial use.