Tips For Managing A Indoor Playground

                                                        Tips for managing a  indoor playground


  No matter what in the world is constantly changing, so is the operation of Naughty Castle. Operators must always learn the sense of innovation. The principle of children's naughty castle operation is the same. Amusement equipment is the heart of children's naughty castle. We have all seen many children's naughty castle parks come to an end and flourish. When they first opened, their popularity was bursting It didn't take long for the business to be bleak and there were fewer and fewer players. The contrast before and after this is so great, because consumers have lost their sense of freshness, and the immutable devices and their gameplay will soon suffer their own bitter fruits. However, it is difficult for the operators to purchase new amusement equipment continuously for the operators. In fact, the freshness may not be reflected in the amusement equipment. New amusement items can also be formed through the combination of various amusement equipment. The amusement equipment is the same, but the gameplay has been greatly improved. I believe that it will definitely attract many new customers.


Many bosses who have just participated in the operation of the naughty castle do not know how to effectively operate the naughty castle project. The following is a question for you.

1. Don't save on the decoration of naughty fort, try to attract the attention of children as much as possible.

2. Give the naughty castle a cute and loud name to impress the guests.

3. Install air-conditioning in the room to make the children comfortable.

4. Regularly organize some activities that children like to help parents take care of their children for a short time.

5. Adopt membership card IP to attract more consumption. The return of funds will be faster.