Tips For Operating A Outdoor Playground

Customer survey
Who are the target customers of the children's park: customers, who are our customers, some people will say children, yes, our customers are indeed those who play. And when we redefine the customer, the child's mother - parent-child activities, the child's grandparents - enjoy the fun of tea, the child's teacher - let the children's park become your amateur coach, the community neighborhood committee - the children's paradise is social The important harmony factor, in this way, the customer is three-dimensional, the most popular saying is that those who are likely to pay the bill are your potential customers.
1. At the beginning of the store opening, customers can enter the store for free and give a small gift with the logo of the park. Increase the visibility of the store in the area.
2. Increase the promotion of membership cards and increase the level of membership preferences, so as to cultivate customer loyalty.
3, enhance the internal management of the park, such as the waiter etiquette, parents accompanying the park to wear a disposable socks to improve the cleanliness of the store. These jobs can enhance the brand image in the customer's heart.
4. Train the staff and strengthen the training of responsibility. It is recommended that teachers with early childhood education experience be recruited, so that they can not only guide children to play correctly, but also engage in activities in the park to increase the richness of the game.
The number of columns in the selected store area should be as small as possible, and the height of the store should be 2.8 meters or more. In general, you should choose 1~3 floors. The location of the shop is recommended to be selected in large shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, and large communities. A good venue is one of the hardware indicators for the park's ongoing operations. When selecting a site, the park should assess the flow of people around the site and the surrounding business prospects. Also consider whether it is necessary to handle related business, tax, fire, insurance. Waiting procedures