Tips For The Kids When Playing The Outdoor Playground In The Parks

                      Tips for the kids when playing the outdoor playground in the parks

Kids love to go to the park and will have a good time playing outdoor playground, but

City parks, including: citizen parks, botanical gardens, zoos, etc., are the places where babies play the most.
1. Flowers and plants
The main thing is not to encounter toxic plants. Instead of knowing each plant, it is better to prohibit your baby from picking them;
2.Insect bites
Children are active. They seem to be more prone to mosquitoes than adults. Take steps to:
Try to give your child long-sleeved clothes and trousers;
If the child is sleeping in a stroller, a small veil should be added outside;
Note for using mosquito repellent for children and mosquito repellent for babies:
Choose a mosquito repellent that meets children's standards
First apply on your hand, and apply a thin layer on the baby's skin with your hand to cover the exposed skin. Do not overdo it;
Do not use it multiple times a day, usually below 2 years old, once;
Avoid eyes, ears, lips, and other parts, avoid applying on the baby's hands, prevent entry through the hands, and avoid wounds;
Wash mosquito repellent on your skin thoroughly after going home;
If allergies occur, wash immediately and discontinue
If bitten:
Mosquito bites are generally harmless, you can apply calamine lotion to relieve itching;
The bees sting, please pay attention to check the bees stings in the skin, remove in time, take care not to squeeze the poison sac, if you can not handle it, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible; you can use cold compress to relieve swelling;
Other unknown insect stings, pay attention to observe the child's condition, if there is any situation you think is dangerous, you should seek medical treatment in time.