Use Of Artificial Turf

    Use of artificial turf

With the continuous improvement of the technology of artificial turf, the application of artificial turf has become more and more extensive, because the similarity with natural turf has reached a very high level. For current sports venues, landscape decoration, kindergarten venues Can be used, etc., has almost achieved the real effect of fake. Its application scope mainly includes the following scenarios:

1. Sports ground.

Artificial turf can be used in sports venues because it has strong abrasion resistance, weather resistance and other properties. The bad weather will not affect the use of the venue, which can provide almost all-weather use. Moreover, artificial turf has anti-slip and elastic functions, so it can protect the athletes during sports, and can reduce the abrasions generated by the athletes during sports. Different artificial turf types can be used for different sports fields, such as football fields. , Gate court, basketball court, badminton court, golf course, etc.

2. Landscape facilities.

The advantage of artificial turf is that its simulation effect is particularly high. Looking at the effect of artificial turf paving is basically the same as natural turf. Artificial turf has natural colors and fine grass. It is an excellent alternative to indoor and outdoor natural turf greening decoration. Product.

The advantage of its evergreen nature has become an excellent help for greening decoration, and it avoids the problems of insect protection, trimming and regular watering of natural lawns, and the maintenance cost is extremely low. Artificial turf also has corresponding artificial turf types in the application of landscape decoration, such as courtyards, hotels, guesthouses, roofs, office buildings, balconies, etc.

3. Kindergartens and nurseries.

Artificial turf is designed for children's health, safety and comfort. It is suitable for kindergartens and nurseries. Its environmental protection and safety features, supplemented by various patterns and colorful colors, let children have a safe and comfortable, and full of dreams. And childlike venue. Kindergarten artificial turf is compared with other artificial turf, and its targeted characteristics are suitable for safe and comfortable entertainment for children in kindergarten.