Water Slide Installation Tips

Water slide installation tips

  Now children's paradise is more and more, plus with the opening of the second child era, many parents began to pay more attention to the healthy growth of children in the amusement park can clearly see the children most like to play Is the water slide, and Xiaobian today to see a small slide to restart the little knowledge of it!

  First, children's water slide installation method:

  First of all, find a flat ground, clean up the stones, broken glass and other sharp objects on the ground to prevent punctured products.

2. Put a carpet (or PVC cloth, or colored cloth) on the ground, and then place the packaged gas mold in the center of the ground.

3. Gas-mode packaging, should not use sharp tools such as blades to unpack, to prevent accidentally zoned to the package of products, you can use the scissors to pick on the bag on the sewing slowly, and then ripped the needle at the mouth of the packaging that can.

4. After unpacking, slowly expand all parts of the mold to the surrounding area until all parts are flattened to the ground.

5. Locate the blower port above the blow mold, tie the blower blower port with the blower port on the blow mold, and then prepare the power cord.

6. The fan connected to the power, open the switch, the fan began to inflatable gas, 5-10 minutes, the gas will be completely blown upright. Check the four weeks after the correct, children can go play.

1. Inflatable specifications to meet customer requirements, to ensure the use of products when the force balance, effective supportive force, stretching, under the bottom and on the film are using the best price with


2. Fence, guard net and the facade according to customer requirements for expansion changes, while ensuring customer requirements at the same time, Tong Park more emphasis on products in the long-term use of the case

Solutions to some of the problems to be applied for the customer to consider more long-term!

3. Beautiful and lovely modeling, scientific design effectively guarantee the anti-tearing ability! Childlike

Park products both beautiful and anti-made yo!

Children's Park commitment: all the major force points are the best 0.55MM specifications of the material!

5. Buy Tong Park inflatable products, distribution series of maintenance tools, and the corresponding fan!

6. Long-term after-sales service to ensure that your use of the process worry-free. Inflatable water class: electric bumper boat

1, injection hull curves of the cockpit design, tailored curved groove, increasing the space within the ship, allowing tourists to more relaxed ride.

2, safe and comfortable seat height, children concentrate on the operation, the body center of gravity will naturally lean forward, if the seat height is too low, it is likely to cause unstable center, fatigue and other discomfort. Seat height of 3-5 cm is the best.

3, excellent steering wheel. "Feeling" is a new standard for the pursuit of comfort and elegance for children (including parents) in the new era. Our bumper steering wheel beautiful, the atmosphere, full of texture. Power boat steering wheel on the market is made of ordinary plastic, non-realistic, and easily damaged.

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