Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Naughty Castle Manufacturers And You Create Children Tongzhen World

Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province naughty castle manufacturers and you create children Tongzhen world

Naughty castle also known as the child Fort. Refers to a combination of science through the formation of a set of amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness and other functions as one of the new generation of children's activity center. It can be said that it is a new, comprehensive and strong children's paradise, is aimed at children like drilling, climbing, sliding, roll, shake, swing, jump, shake and other natural design.

Naughty fort can cultivate children's independent personality, exercise, brain puzzle. It is characterized by randomness, no power, interaction and safety. It is not restricted by space (indoor only) or irregular site. It can be installed, simple management, no power equipment and easy maintenance. Located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Kidsplayplay toy company is a set of naughty fort, children naughty fort, indoor naughty fort, children's paradise, parent-child paradise, children's play equipment, combination slide, large slide, kindergarten slide, kindergarten furniture, kindergarten desks and chairs Cabinets, outdoor fitness equipment, fitness path, the elderly fitness, community fitness, landscaping facilities, park art environment and parks, resorts, private clubs, children's playground, and so on hundreds of varieties of development, design, Sales, installation and service in an integrated industrial company, with independent management of the 6,000 square meters and 1500 square large exhibition hall production base. Their company designed and produced naughty Fort equipment in all parts of the country are working together, including large Poly Group, the district's play equipment are designed by Kidsplayplay toy company, production, installation, can be described as in Zhejiang Province and even the national industry Have a certain influence.


As the naughty fort project is a custom product, although the advantage is a one-time investment on the life-long return of the industry, but the drawback is that if you want to withdraw shop depreciation rate is quite high, twenty million of the equipment used for months to sell Two or three million, because the naughty Fort equipment is a custom product into the next site needs a second modification, and the original package, nets, mats, glue, wallpaper and other items will not be used to be replaced in the handling process Some of the outsourcing of soft leather will be damaged need to re-package, so the depreciation rate of nearly 90%, and more difficult to sell, as the home decoration to do even after the demolition is not worth it, so the choice of naughty Fort manufacturers when raw materials must choose lasting Durable material of the material.


In addition, even if the same product, but if the use of different materials, the other by the size of the product uncertainty, it also led to the price of children's paradise vary widely.

So if you want to get a relatively accurate offer, then investors will have to buy before the heart of their own products need to have a clear understanding.

For example, we should first clear that we have to do much of the product, what kind of product, rather than blindly follow the manufacturers of the introduction.

In addition, I think we all know a reason, that is, a sub-price of goods.

Kidsplayplay toy company since its establishment, over the years to sincere service, quality products, professional technical integrity of the first access to the industry's praise! The company's production of naughty fort equipment are layers of strict checks, from the design, production, materials, installation is in accordance with the standardization of the implementation of the process, in the naughty fort equipment wood raw materials components are selected on the good wood, so Kidsplayplay toy company since its establishment in 2006 and Zhejiang famous enterprises formed a strong strategic cooperation in the industry has a certain influence.