What Are The Characteristics And Categories Of The Combined Slide

Combination Slide It combines fitness and entertainment as one, according to the children's interests and hobbies carefully designed a variety of different styles, is a new type of comprehensive children's paradise. Is aimed at children like to drill. Climb. Slide and other characteristics of the design, colorful. Entertainment strong. Full-featured. Reliable quality.

        Combination slide from the column, clamp to the column top cover are made of aluminum alloy, durable use. Rust-proof function particularly strong. The appearance of more colorful electrostatic spray, anti-UV, durable use can also adhere to the role of superior stability.

The combination slide is divided into two kinds of children's indoor slides and large outdoor slides

1, children's indoor slides

Children's indoor slides are a kind of slide that is suitable for the family. This slide can be used in the family, easy to clean up, simple and practical.

2, large outdoor slides

The large-scale combination slide is suitable for children, kindergartens, supermarkets, amusement parks and other places of children's slides, with more features, play the characteristics of strong, suitable for children drilling, climbing, sliding, exercise the body, but relative to the indoor slide Partial expensive

    Now many parents will also buy some small slides at home to play with the baby. When you play a combination slide, take note of the following details to avoid accidents:

1. Do not be too thin or too thick. Because a lot of slide surface is not very smooth, too thin clothes will bruise the baby. Too thick clothes will affect the action is convenient, in the climb process is not safe.

2, clothes do not bring a rope or hard objects, brooches and so on. A rope of clothes may be hit on the way to the railing and cause the baby suffocated. If you wear a hard thing like a big button such clothes, in the slide on the way will be wounded. As for the brooches, pins and other things, but can not let the baby wear on the body or drag in the hand to play slides.

Playing combo slide on the child's benefits or a lot:

1. To promote the baby's tactile development, so that the baby playing a wide range of slides in the process, experience the different touch, to promote tactile development.

2. Slide is the baby's "speed" of the initial feelings. Different length, slope of the slide to the baby to bring the speed experience is different, most of the baby's initial experience of speed from the process of playing slides.

3. Exercise coordination ability, enhance physical control. From the slide process, the baby needs to master its own balance and speed, get the body to coordinate the exercise.

4. To promote the development of large sports. Often play slides baby balance ability will be very good, good balance is the basis of athletic ability.