What Are The Children's Ride Equipment?

What are the children's ride equipment?

First, turn horse equipment

Structural motion characteristics: The cockpit is mounted on a rotating disc or support arm, and rotates around a vertical axis or a tilting axis, or a small swing while rotating around a vertical axis.

There are small swinging amusement facilities rotating around the vertical axis: space vehicles, big green worms, big apple machines, etc.

Second, scooter equipment

Structural motion characteristics: The vehicle itself has no power. After being lifted to a certain height by the lifting device, it runs along the track by inertia; or the vehicle itself has power to run on the undulating track.

Such as: roller coaster, crazy mouse, sliding dragon, rapids, meniscus, mining vehicles.

Third, gyro equipment

Structural movement characteristics: The cockpit is rotated around a variable inclination axis, and the main shaft is mostly mounted on the boom that can be lifted and lowered.

Such as: gyro, double flying, brave turntable, flying arm, football, etc.

Fourth, flight tower equipment

Structural movement characteristics: Hanging pods and swinging movements while lifting, the pods are suspended with flexible parts.

Such as: flight tower, aerial swivel chair, PHS, viewing tower, gliding flying wing, frog jumping, sounding shuttle.

Five, racing equipment

Structural motion characteristics: operation along the designated line on the ground.

Such as: racing cars, small sports cars, high speed racing.

Sixth, self-controlled aircraft equipment

Structural movement characteristics: The passenger part rotates around the central axis and performs the lifting movement. Most of the passengers are mounted on the swing arm.

Such as: self-controlled aircraft, self-controlled flying saucer, goldfish playing, octopus, sea and land, wave swing.

There are amusement machines with lifting and swinging multi-dimensional movements, such as: time and space shuttle, dynamic movie platform.

Seven, view car equipment

Structural motion characteristics: The passenger part rotates or swings around the horizontal axis.

Such as: viewing cars, windmills, space ships, pirate ships, flying carpets, meteors, children's play equipment.