What Are The Differences Between Children's Naughty Fort And Inflatable Fort?

What are the differences between children's naughty fort and inflatable fort?


Children's naughty fort equipment is designed for children under the age of 12, it is through the combination of science to form a set of play naughty fort, activities, puzzle, fitness and other functions as a whole. What is the difference between children's naughty fort and inflatable fort? Many people can not tell their differences, and today's Fortune Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. comes to the difference between them.

First of all, the biggest difference is that children's naughty fort equipment is no power facilities, without any power plant can operate, and inflatable Fort need to use the centrifugal fan tension and thin film inside and outside the pressure difference to form the shape of the toy.

In addition, inflatable castles are generally made of PVC folder mesh, and naughty fort is soft by the tube, seamless steel, plastic products and other combinations. Play items are relatively fixed, for the slides, drilling holes, rock climbing, castles and other categories. The children's naughty fort equipment projects up to hundreds, there are trampoline, ocean ball pool, all kinds of electric toys, and so numerous types. Inflatable castle suffered a greater impact on the environment, the weather changes directly affect the operation of inflatable castle, and children's naughty fort equipment due to indoor, subject to lower environmental impact, regardless of seasonal weather can be operated.

As well as from the investment direction is not the same, inflatable Fort mostly in the outdoor business, less investment, high returns, can be flexible to move, whether it is the cost of the product or the cost of the venue are naughty fort can not match The And naughty fort are mostly installed in the room, not easy to move high investment, high return category.

In fact, the children's naughty fort and inflatable castle is the only thing in common is the face of children's design. Compared to the two, the inflatable Fort is made of PVC mesh fabric is made on the outside, not only affected by the weather larger, and more outdoor dust, children play easily lead to health problems. The children's naughty fort equipment is by the soft package, seamless steel, plastic products and other combinations, is in the indoor recreational facilities, clean health, but also to develop children's independent personality. Children at the same time not only exercise the body, to achieve the purpose of mental brain, but also conducive to the healthy growth of children, enhance immunity.