What Are The Inspections After The Installation?

What are the inspections after the installation?

After several days of continuous operation, the amusement facilities in the indoor children's playground will have different degrees of wear and tear, and even some amusement equipment will have various failures and stop running. At this time, we need to carry out maintenance and repair on the amusement equipment. During the maintenance of amusement equipment, people often encounter damage or equipment damage caused by improper operation. In order to avoid such things happening, what do we need to pay attention to in the operation?

1. When repairing equipment circuit electrical appliances and transmission equipment

Before the maintenance, the power must be cut off, the power switch should be locked with the safety lock to carry the key, the safety warning sign should be hung, and the safety measures such as the guardian can be implemented before starting the operation. Especially for transmission systems and circuits, live working is strictly prohibited. Resolutely do not take power to repair the transmission equipment, displacement will occur under the action of external force, must be fixed and manned before maintenance; operation of grinding, cutting type of moving equipment and maintenance transmission equipment, it is forbidden to wear gloves;

2, electrician work

When it is necessary to measure or repair the electricity, dry insulating protective equipment should be worn. Personnel should be guarded and coordinated with each other. All electrical wiring should be regarded as a charged body. After confirming that the power has been cut off and the safety warning sign has been hanged by using an electric pen or a multimeter, if the electric shock is encountered, the electric shock should not be directly pulled by hand. Quickly cut off the power; if the electric shock is in a coma, you should immediately call it manually or send it to the hospital for rescue;

3. Welding work

Wear special protective safety protective equipment such as welder gloves, shoes and hats, masks, etc., and do personal safety protection measures; clean the surrounding flammable and explosive materials and debris to prevent fires, and clean the tanks first. Oil and flammable materials and keep the container ventilated to prevent heat explosion; the welding wire is not allowed to wrap around the body or on the shoulder during operation. Prevent the danger from getting out of the way; after finishing the work, you must wait for the metal to be cooled to cool, and make sure that there is no fire at the scene to leave;

4. When repairing pneumatic equipment components such as air pipes, cylinders, air control disc valves, pneumatic rods, etc., be sure to close the air circuit switch first, and exhaust gas to eliminate pressure before operating, to prevent high pressure gas from injuring people;

5. When installing heavy-duty components for lifting large and medium-sized equipment, you must first determine the weight, and then check the lifting tools such as cranes, hoists, and chain ropes to confirm that they are safe and secure; clean up the surrounding equipment and debris, leaving enough At the same time, the working space was hoisted at the scene to prevent the idlers from entering the dangerous area.

In addition to the above, the inspection work after installation is equally important. We should check the indoor children's playground as a whole and check that all the amusement equipments are properly installed. Check that all the amusement equipments are safe and secure, and check whether there are any sharp objects left in the field.