What Are The Key Points Before The Operation Of The Children's Park?

What are the key points before the operation of the children's park?

Children need to grow up healthily and can't stay at home all day long. Therefore, many parents like to take their children around, which makes the development of children's playgrounds continue to accelerate. For investors, this is definitely not a great business opportunity for entrepreneurship. So, what are the points before the operation of the indoor children's park can not be ignored? If you want to make a quick profit, it is necessary to master the relevant technical knowledge.

1. Choose the right place to operate

The choice of place of business is closely related to the children's park franchise products and potential customers. The main consumer group of children's paradise is children, so entrepreneurs must have a clear judgment on such consumer groups: Not all the prosperous areas can bring good business. If you open a business center that is mostly in the company, far from the children and the family, then even in the "urban area", the business will not be good, and you have to bear the expensive rent, obviously this is the wrong place. problem.

Therefore, the place where children can be gathered is a good address for children's parks. It is necessary to investigate the local population structure. The baby playground is suitable for cities and business districts where young people are mostly, especially the newly-married couples! According to the size of the business district, it is necessary to reasonably plan the area of the store so as to ensure better display of the goods. Moreover, the store has long-term operating conditions to facilitate the construction of the brand. Generally speaking, the denser the population in the business district, the more important the target customers are as dense as possible, and have strong spending power.

Traffic problems are important to everyone. The convenience of transportation at the location of a children's park is one of the important factors that directly affect customer traffic. In general, the number of customers entering the store is proportional to the local traffic flow. The bustling business district is very convenient for transportation, and there are often many bus lines to choose from, which is convenient for customers to come to the store.

2, understand the product

The topic of security is at any time, and it cannot be overemphasized in any field. It is also an important prerequisite in any consideration. In particular, operators engaged in the children's playground industry must first ensure that they are qualified and have no safety hazards from the quality of the amusement equipment.

Only manufacturers who know the product can choose a good factory. Although each Naughty Fort Children's Park is different, the main equipment is roughly the same. Generally, there are the following types, electric coconut trees, electric swings, horses, children's rocking, Children's pirate ships, slides, etc. These materials are generally made of steel and plastic. For plastic parts, non-toxic and non-radiative materials are used to ensure the safety of the products and the safety of children.

At the same time, the corners of the equipment should not have sharp edges, and the composition of the parts should be strong, so as to prevent the children from ingesting the loose screws, which brings potential safety hazards. Secondly, we must also pay attention to the safety measures of the playground. When the children in the baby or toddler are playing in the park, they should prevent the toys with long strings and small parts in the venue. The safety inspection measures should be guaranteed.

3, children's park manufacturers equipment

For the operation of the children's park, after selecting the operation site, the operator can contact the appropriate child naughty castle manufacturer according to the budget investment amount. And let the children's indoor naughty castle manufacturers issue the site plan and the overall quotation, negotiate the production and installation cycle.

It is recommended that the operator conduct on-the-spot inspections of indoor children's park manufacturers when conditions permit. At the same time, it is necessary to investigate whether the condition of the equipment provided by the manufacturer to other children's parks is in compliance with safety, environmental protection and business conditions, so that the production capacity and after-sales service of the children's park manufacturers can be comprehensively evaluated.

4. Design of children's playground

As a major trend in children's experience and leisure industry, indoor children's parks are favored by developers and family consumers, and the space design of indoor children's playgrounds can no longer satisfy the eyes of more and more consumers. The characteristic design is that the indoor children's park is different from other competitive weapons.

The purpose of design and decoration is for the image. People look at the image through positioning. Since it is a children's naughty amusement park, it is a theme of light, active and well-behaved. Therefore, the Naughty Children's Park can use a cartoon appearance. Used to attract children to play.

5. Utilization and maintenance of various children's facilities

Naughty Fort Children's Park has many names and facilities. To implement stable operations, it is necessary to control the use, maintenance and replacement of all facilities in Naughty Fort Children's Park. It is always beneficial to have a series of skills in the operation of the children's paradise. This invisible guarantees the stability of the operation of the Naughty Children's Park.

6, need to do enough publicity before opening

A promotional leaflet can be distributed in the nearby community, and promotional discount information can be posted on the group buying website. You can do some special discounts during the relatively small period of passenger traffic, and open the Early Learning Knowledge Class for free, so that parents can recognize the importance of early education for children's growth and the function of children's playgrounds.

The children's park management follows these methods, which can greatly enhance the competitiveness in the market, and also enable our children's playground to develop better in the market.