What Are The Misunderstandings Of Indoor Naughty Playground In Investment Management?

What are the misunderstandings of Indoor Naughty playground in investment management?

Misunderstanding 1, amusement equipment, more is better 


Some operators believe that the more amusement equipment, the more complete, the more guests. However, what is important for the amusement park is user experience. Small area with many amusement equipments, which only brings a messy and congested feeling. Therefore, operators need to properly match children's play equipment according to the size of the venue, and reserve channels for each device for visitors to watch, which can attract tourists' interest and increase profitability.


Misunderstanding 2, equipment matching, uneven heat and cold


Naughty equipment needs a reasonable mix. In some areas of  children's parks, there has been a surge in popularity, and some areas are unattended. The area is limited and the hot items are concentrated, which can lead to the guests not being able to get in and leave. The unpopular project will remain idle. So we have to do some popular projects with unpopular projects, and there are hot projects in the unpopular projects. This can drive the unpopular project through popular projects.


Misunderstanding 3, equipment cost, blind compression


Amusement equipment is a large part of the cost of naughty playground. In order to save costs, some operators are reluctant to update the amusement equipment, and repeatedly play the same game, there is a big possibility of a loss of interest´╝î eventually lead to customer loss. There are even some operators who choose low-priced and low-quality amusement equipment in order to reduce costs. As a result, children are not safe when they play in indoor children's playgrounds, and they are prone to accidents.



The above points are some of misunderstandings that we often encounter when operating a children's playground. Investors should do a good job in the early stage of business, understand the market demand, avoid the above misunderstandings, and rational planning, in order to easily profit later. .