What Are The Roles Of Puppy Toys

                                                       What are the roles of puppy toys 

  Do not use toys too frequently  
   Most dog owners will buy a few toys for their dogs to help them entertain them, but in the eyes of many people, toys may just be a tool for pastimes. In fact, toys are very helpful for raising dogs, and many behaviors can be improved by toys. 
  If we cultivate the interest of puppies in toys and teach them the correct way to play with toys, not only can we avoid a lot of troubles, but also make the puppies healthier. Improving the relationship between the owner and the dog is the most direct benefit brought by the toy. Playing with toys for a long time will make the puppy understand that these toys are given by the owner, so that the dog can be more intimate to the owner. At the same time, in the process of playing, the meaning of the other party's actions and language is also clearer. 
  Another benefit is to reduce the destructive power of dogs. Using toys can kill the excess energy of dogs. In addition, dogs in the period of tooth replacement will bite at home items. And bite-resistant toys can effectively replace home appliances. 
   Increasing the amount of exercise is naturally a benefit of playing with toys. Playing with toys indoors with puppies can also play a role in exercise. This is a very suitable sport for puppies who haven't got the vaccine together and are not safe to go out.   Puppies who often play with toys will have more curiosity about fresh items, and such puppies are smarter. In addition, it should be noted that the frequency of playing toys should not be too high, otherwise it is easy for dogs to lose interest in these toys.