What Exactly Are The Design Elements Of A Kindergarten Slide? There Are The Following Points

  What exactly are the design elements of a kindergarten slide? There are the following points

    One is to avoid security risks. When children are playing, they should consider some risk factors in advance and try to avoid letting them touch the head, hands and feet. Some places can be appropriately higher, so that the safety factor can also be improved a lot. After all, children are now relatively petite, and some dangers cannot be overcome.
      Second, some parts, such as swings, rocking music and other equipment, should be considered for their safety. The performance of ropes is naturally better, considering their cushioning performance. Don't be too tight, it will break as soon as you touch it.
      Third, the exposed parts like screws should be smoothed in time. This will prevent the child's clothes from hanging up and causing injury. Of course, in some places, if you really can't handle it, just cover it up.
      Fourth, materials of higher quality must be selected so that the safety performance is higher.
      Fifth, guardrails must be designed for some parts of the slide, especially the edge position. This is also because from a security perspective, after all, no one can predict what will happen in the next second.
      Sixth, it is necessary to prepare safety electronics in time so that even if the child falls down, parents do not have to be too scared. At the very least, it will not suffer too much damage, and it can be regarded as a kind of safety guarantee.