What Is The Naughty Castle? Naughty Castle Use Precautions

What is the naughty castle? What are the functions and the use of naughty castle? Naughty castle As one of the most important equipment for children's playgrounds,

Not only children like, adults also like, so naughty castle should pay attention to what the problem?

    Naughty castle is designed according to the characteristics of children, through the combination of science to form a set of amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness as one of the new generation of children's activity center,

The children exposure to a thrilling, but also safe and secure environment.

    The facilities are conducive to children to give full play to the vitality and imagination, in the fun at the same time, the body get aerobic endurance calcined; help to meet the children competing strong,

Not willing to fall behind, the courage to explore and other psychological requirements, so that children are more healthy and happy to grow smart; at the same time conducive to cultivating children brave, tough, tenacious personality,

Exercise speed, strength, balance, coordination and other qualities, to physical fitness, brain puzzle purposes.

Main project trampoline, ocean ball pool, aerial gliding, single-plank bridge, iron bridge, driving warehouse, rotating slide, slide, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, volcanic eruption,

Carbine gun, cannon, cartoon across the row, air car, coconut tree, water bed, balloon house, turn the horse, time shuttle, happy octopus, inflatable jumping bed,

Water slides, water roller, pirate ship, mini turntable animal shake and other equipment.

Naughty fort Note Although the naughty fort in the production of the design has been said when there are many security risks are tightly packed, but if you carelessly in the park,

Do not follow the safety tips, injuries or in the inevitable.

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                        Wenzhou Kidsplayplay Children's Naughty castle

Naughty castle use Note:

       Naughty castle use safety precautions: naughty castle facilities for children only 3-12 years of age; into the naughty castle facilities do not carry sharp items,

To avoid the process of scratching the body of the game; the use of the process, the guardian should remind the child not crowded in the facilities pushed to avoid the occurrence of injury outside the accident;

Facilities of the fence only play a protective role, to prohibit climbing; regularly check the internal parts of the facility to see if there are loosening of screws and other security risks,

If you can not solve the problem, please repair the installation unit. Naughty castle routine maintenance Note: naughty castle facilities for indoor use only, to avoid the wind and sun;

Into the facilities, please take off your shoes, and do not carry sharp items; weekly soft brush and neutral detergent can be used to thoroughly clean the facilities;

Naughty castle fence forced to pull