What Outdoor Amusement Equipment Needs To Be Equipped In Kindergartens

                   What outdoor amusement equipment needs to be equipped in kindergartens

1. Combined slide
    Children have a playful nature. Slides are indispensable. The combined slide function is designed according to the children’s characteristics of drilling, climbing and sliding. The color matching is also in line with the children’s preferences.

2. Climbing net
    For older children, the kindergarten needs to be equipped with rope net climbing. Children have an adventurous spirit. This rope net climbing ups and downs is suitable for adventure and drives the children's sports spirit. Rope climbing is like the feeling of a superhero flying over a wall in an animation, which brings the experience of a little hero to the child. This large outdoor facility requires the use of children's hands and feet to exercise all parts of the body and promote the healthy growth of children.

Three, swing
    Swing is also indispensable. Children have a dream of flying. I believe it is the same when we were young. We always imagine ourselves flying in the sky. The swing is to give the children the feeling of flying, and the swing is accompanied by the children's silver bell-like laughter, and it is also a dynamic beauty.

Fourth, physical fitness
    At present, kindergartens need to have enough venues to build outdoor activities facilities for children. Of course, outdoor activities facilities also include seesaws, rockers, balance beams, etc. These facilities are good places for children to entertain, relax and exercise.