What Trampoline And Trampoline Park Is

Trampoline is an extreme sport. 1. Trampoline (Trampoline) is an athlete from the trampoline rebound in the performance of acrobatic skills of sports, it is a kind of gymnastics. Trampoline "air ballet" said. 2. The history of the trampoline dates back to the mid-19th century North American Comanche Indians, while the Chinese circus acrobats use similar trampies for at least 200 years of history. 3. The founder of the modern elastic trampoline is the French acrobat Du Trampolin (Du Trampolin), he used hemp rope compiled into a protective net to strengthen the "Air Sword" safety, and the use of the flexibility of the actor thrown into the air, Complete all kinds of action. In the 1930s, American diving champion George Nissen produced a trampoline similar to the present day to help his diving and rollover training, and later founded the Nissen Trampoline. During the Second World War, the United States used trampoline training pilots and navigator positioning skills, and achieved good results, and later became a movement in the United States, secondary schools, universities widely carried out. In 1947 the United States in Texas held its first national trampoline performance competition, since 1948 was included in the official race, after the introduction of Europe. In 1958 the British began to hold the British Trampoline Championship, held in the UK in 1964 the first World Trampoline Championship, held in Paris in 1969, the first European trampoline tournament. In 1999, the International Trampoline Federation became an association of international gymnastics associations and became the official event in the 27th Olympic Games in 2000, with two projects for men and women, each with 12 athletes participating in the competition.

 Trampoline knowledge

  [Indoor trampoline park], China's trampoline campaign started 40 years later than Europe and the United States, until 2015

China has the first indoor trampoline club. But for Australia, the United States and Europe,

The trampoline club has become a new landmark for European and American family weekend parties, young people playing cool sports.

  Then the indoor trampoline park in the end is Gesha


Trampoline Park usually has a trampoline adult area, children's area, playing against the area, dunk area, but also with naughty fort area, dressing area, sales area, membership area. Imagine that you walk into a room and all the people are flying up and down.

Yes, you can finally experience the diving under the feathers!


The indoor trampoline park is like an uncapped cage, the bracket and the guardrail are softer, and a relatively confined space makes the children and adults free from the outside world when they are exercised.

Each trampoline has a basket and other auxiliary equipment, so that trampoline fans are not limited to a simple jump, but also experience the feeling of flying dunk,

Improve the diversity of trampoline and gameplay.

  because of this,

In addition to weight loss body sculpting, the release of pressure to maintain physical and mental balance, the trampoline does not lose any other kind of movement. Studies show that bouncing is not only beneficial to adults but also for the child's physical function, the development of coordination is very helpful, but also conducive to the growth of children and brain development room trampoline combination of English name is called large lake trampoline park. China's trampoline started late, the trampoline was only in 1997 by the "State Sports General Administration" as a formal competition project, in 2002 to set up trampoline national team, but because of a good gymnastics base, trampoline in China's development is very rapid. In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games August 18 trampoline women's individual finals, He Wenna outstanding gold medal for the Chinese delegation won the first 38 gold, from the set off the Chinese trampoline hot. To now the country has developed into a child trampoline, teen trampoline. So now we talk about how young people how to operate a large trampoline. one. Large trampoline before the need to prepare and pay attention to matters (1000 square meters above) the choice of the venue is very important 1. On the site around the environmental requirements are relatively high, because we are positioned as young trampoline, then we need to be attached to the school, district, shopping malls, fitness Concentration, integrated playground, etc., young people are more concentrated environment. 2. Because the large trampoline area is relatively large, then the corresponding cost of rent will increase. At the same time, the rent price with the local consumption level, we can consider the address as appropriate. Pre-capital investment 1. Equipment purchase costs ---- trampoline price with the design and the project has a relationship, so the first need to determine the venue, and then find a good domestic supplier of good quality, and then to determine the effect of Figure Determine the purchase fee. 2. Rental costs 3. Labor costs 4. Marketing promotion costs 5. Card costs ---- generally we need to serve the object is very fixed crowd, it needs to develop a set of membership on the system. 6. Analysis of the impact of water and electricity costs affect the traffic factors 1. For the surrounding schools, gym, CBD business district, swimming pool, training courses, and other related industries to investigate, 2. Evaluation Trampoline club surrounding small environment, you can cover How many people. 3. What is the number of potential customers? 4. What are the operating conditions of other competitors around, and where is their own advantage? Trampoline product selection 1. Free bounce project can challenge all kinds of dangerous bounce in the inside, but also can be practiced inside yoga.

2. Diving project This action is very exciting to see, in the long runway after running for some distance, close to the sponge area, 360-degree rotation and then flipped into the sponge pile inside. "3. Basketball project allows you to achieve the usual in the basketball court can not complete the action, the general boys are interested in this project 4. Dodge the ball project This project is a team game to the middle of the ball as the dividing line divided into two teams To participate in the game, the need to help the team to complete. 5. Walk the wire project This project is to exercise people balance the game, accidentally fell into the following sponge pool or inflatable bounce on, looking for this stimulation. The age of the people to adjust the climbing project climbing this process is not elaborate, but in the climbing wall below the increase in the sponge block, which play a protective role. 7. Professional trampoline project trampoline jumping high In the ordinary trampoline, so in the choice of the venue when it is above the height of at least 5m or more, only safe. II. Operating model 1. associates, the early start is a good way to cooperate can reduce the risk and can Benefits tied together is conducive to long-term management deduction in general to coastal cities as an example of the distribution of benefits do not exceed 2.5: 7.5 specific circumstances Analysis; 2. deduction point does not need to pay the venue costs, utilities, labor, property costs or need to pay. There is a silver medal this piece will certainly need a sound way to restraint, the two sides can communicate; 3. Paul rent + deduction, 3, eight kinds of consumption patterns (price reference) 1. direct purchase, do not enjoy any concessions 50 yuan / times; two adults can be free of charge. With a child. (Pre-guide, absorbed as a member) 2. After the membership card for 30 yuan / time; (members in the purchase of tickets and sub-card, you can enjoy 3. This customer group for the card , The monthly card of the potential customers, pay attention to development.) 4. Through the opening activities of the 5 yuan, 10 yuan vouchers for consumption; 5. Card 250 yuan / 10 times, an average of 25 yuan / times; (for office workers, weekend (To attract attention, guide the first consumption) 7. monthly card 600 yuan an average of 20 yuan / times; (to enhance the popularity of children's paradise 8. The other six cards 2000 yuan can sell drinks and other snacks in the lounge area. Opening night games, night games accompanied by disco sound facility will become the stage trampoline surface. As soon as possible for customers to indulge body and mind.