What Types Of Small Amusement Equipment In The City?

What types of small amusement equipment in the city?

There are endless amusement equipment on the surface. It is these amusement equipment that increase the feelings between people. Chinese people pay attention to the emotional relationship between people. The feelings between people are not only in daily communication, but also in daily communication. Can we play happily together in leisure time? Chinese consumers have obvious social orientation and human orientation, and they have common consumption concepts and entertainment hobbies. Only in this way can the relationship get along more harmoniously, so as to promote the relationship between people Close communication More and more amusement devices appear on the market. The most common small amusement devices are not only convenient for playing, but also very attractive to the public.


The principle of the seesaw is to use the principle of leverage. The pressure of the person on the seesaw is the power and resistance, and the distance between the person and the fixed point of the seesaw is the force arm. Although the weight of an adult is large, as long as the strength arm of the adult is short enough, the product of the large human arm and the weight can be smaller than the product of the child's strength arm and the weight, and the adult will be stoked.

Rainbow slide

You can see the rainbow slide on many short video platforms. It’s the best way to travel around the rainbow when you check in, and the sea sheep rippling with laughter. The Wende rainbow slide is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, can be disassembled, and can be recycled. Re-use, the design of the rainbow slide, if you want to build a rainbow slide, are based on the site conditions and carry out special planning.

At present, the types of rainbow slides are designed: straight slides, wave slides, flying bag slides, wave pendulum slides, etc. The net celebrity rainbow slide is more attractive to tourists. The rainbow colorful slide has convenient construction, and the color is free to