Which Outdoor Amusement Development Facilities Are More Durable?

                        Which outdoor amusement development facilities are more durable?

    In order to meet the needs of children, children’s outdoor amusement equipment has gradually expanded from early swings and seesaws to dozens of different types of amusement equipment, including slide combinations, climbing combinations, expansion series, etc., with a wide variety and complete variety, which is greatly enriched. Children's outdoor play life.

1. Slide
    The slide is an outdoor play equipment that every child loves. Whether it is plastic slides, wooden slides or stainless steel slides that have become more and more popular in recent years, they all have good weather resistance and are not easy to fade and corrode even in the sun and rain. Both strong and durable, kindergartens, parks, and real estate have the shadow of slides.

2. Rope net climbing frame
    The rope net climbing frame adopts marine cable ropes, with a chrome-plated steel wire in the center, which is extremely strong and strong. The rope net climbing frame has a very free choice in shape, design and size, as well as a little freedom in layout. Therefore, it has become an increasingly popular outdoor amusement device for children.

Three, trampoline
    The trampoline is more fashionable and beautiful in appearance, and has a relatively small footprint, which greatly saves space. Moreover, the trampoline is also equipped with a ceiling, which is safer and can prevent children from jumping off the trampoline. The main reason for the ground trampoline is The materials include imported PP elastic cloth and electroplated spring, both of which are relatively weather-resistant materials.
Four, seesaw
    The seesaw is a relatively common outdoor amusement equipment. Before these new amusement items such as stainless steel slides and climbing frames appeared, the seesaw almost contracted the children’s childhood laughter. Now the seesaw has a lot of shape and appearance. The changes, which incorporate various cartoon elements that children like, are bright in color, and are the best choice to match the theme of the venue.

Five, swing
    Like the seesaw, the swing is also a kind of amusement equipment mainly suitable for outdoor. Now the swing is constantly changing and innovating in form. There are not only traditional swings suitable for adults, but also seat swings suitable for younger babies. There is a rocking chair swing with a small swing, which is applicable to a wider range of people.