Why Do Kindergarten Slides Need Regular Maintenance? What Are The Maintenance Methods

    Why do kindergarten slides need regular maintenance? What are the maintenance methods
The children in every family are the hearts and minds of their parents, for fear that children will encounter some dangers, especially in the early childhood. When going to kindergarten, parents will ignore the children's life and learning status, so for the kindergarten, protect the children's safety It’s an important thing, and children are very lively and active, so you have to put more effort into children’s toys. The timely maintenance of slides in kindergartens is one of the important factors, because the slides are faster and have a higher height. High, it is a place prone to danger. What are the maintenance of the slides in the kindergarten below?
Why do kindergarten slides need regular maintenance? What are the maintenance methods

First of all: daily regular cleaning is the basic

      In the early childhood, the child’s immune ability is still in a state of development, so it is easy to be attacked by bacteria, and most of the slides will have a lot of stolen goods, which is a great hidden danger to the health of the child, so one of the basic elements of the kindergarten slide is To clean the hygiene of the slide regularly, we must include the process of disinfection, otherwise the bacteria will be incompletely eliminated.

Second: Check hidden dangers in time to ensure safety

      The slide often vibrates, so some screws and bonding positions will have the hidden danger of breaking and loosening. Once the slide collapses, the consequences are very serious, ranging from injury to life threatening, and there are many children playing every year. The accident of a slide injury is a disaster for the whole family.

Third: increase the life span of use

      Whether it is an indoor slide or an outdoor slide, long-term use will cause wear and tear. Over time, problems will be cleaned up. Regular maintenance can reduce the wear and tear. Although the price of the slide is not high, it takes a lot to replace it once. Funding is also crucial to controlling the operating costs of kindergartens, so don’t underestimate this.

Regular maintenance of the nursery requires professional guidance. This person can be a maintenance person from the manufacturer or a part-time hired person, but he must have a wealth of experience and professional knowledge, and he must pay attention to the maintenance of the slide. Don’t wait. When the danger occurs, it is time to remedy it. At that time, it is time to regret. Generally, the charge is not high. You can check the market price before choosing to prevent unnecessary