Why Parents Want To Play Together With Children Slide?

Why parents want to play together with children slide?

  Among many children's play facilities, the equipment such as combination slide is one of the toys that children like. However, in many cases, parents just stand aside to watch their children play. In fact, there are many times when parents and children bring lots of knowledge to their children.

1.When the baby can unsteadily walk, Mom and Dad can take the baby to play kindergarten slide, gentle combination slide. Mother hands on the underarms of your baby to help the baby climb to the top of the slide, to encourage the baby to slide down (Mom and Dad can not force the baby, before sliding check both sides of the slide is smooth, is there any stains).


2. With the help of adults slides: When the baby can stand alone, parents can take the baby to play a combination of slides. Mom and dad hold the baby sitting on the slide, his hands help the baby underarm from sliding down, his mouth said: "Woo, the plane flew." When the baby played several times, with experience, parents just baby On the slide, Mom crouched on the bottom of the slide. Dad stood beside the slide to look after the baby and let the baby slide down.

3. Baby play independently slide combination: When the baby can play tall slides, let the baby climb the slide himself, and then slide down.

4. Play together with friends slide combination: Mom and Dad with children to play with children and children in playground slide, and guide the baby take the initiative to interact with his peers to develop the quality of baby modesty. You can also use the language of encouragement to induce the baby: "baby good, let the little brother first play, okay?" If the baby is particularly good when playing with his companion slide, Mom and Dad can give your baby the appropriate encouragement.

  The combination slide and play and study exercise have some meanings to children's growth. At the same time, the rest of the play facilities have the same functions, such as rocking, cooperation with others, game shelf exercise, etc. To a certain extent, promote the healthy growth of children.


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