Wooden Slide Instructions

Wooden slide instructions

  The components of the wooden composite slide form a platform, stairs, columns, handrails and the like. Materials for the Russian Scotch Pine. With waterproof, moisture-proof, moth-eaten, anti-corrosion, sturdy and not easy to aging and many other advantages. Processed into a product has not broken easily, weather durable, not easy to deformation and other strengths.

  Wooden composite slide is mainly all-wood structure or add some plastic parts auxiliary structure.


1.Plastic parts: imported engineering plastics, infiltration of anti-UV, anti-static and anti-decolorizing elements, high strength, smooth surface, safety and environmental protection, weather resistance, not easy to fade.

2.column: imported Russian Scotch Pine, the overall processing, the surface plus environmental varnish, the product surface smooth, anti-UV, colorful, easy to fall off.


3. Platform: The use of high-strength punching plate, the surface by a special process of micro-wavy, safe and beautiful skid resistance.

4. Fasteners: fasteners with stainless steel screws connected to the buckle and the column contact points to rubber pads, and machine screws, but also enhance their safety.

  Slide in line with GB / T 4454-1996 requirements, plastic wall thickness 6mm above. Colorful, UV uv ability to reach eight, anti-static and anti-decolorization of materials, safety and environmental protection, weather resistance, high strength.

  Slide is to develop children's brave adventure exploration, game entertainment, exercise mental place, where children interact with parents, play, leisure, enjoy the stars splendid childhood.

  Scope: This product is widely suitable for schools, kindergartens, gardens, villas, parks, property area, playground, Children's Palace, shopping malls, supermarkets and other public places for all kinds of indoor and outdoor entertainment for children, with advanced rotational molding technology Casting, with safety and environmental protection, delicate and durable, easy to fade, easy installation, flexible and so on.

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